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A few words about us

Let us introduce ourselves

KAS as it is familiarly known is the historical society for the County of Kilkenny, Ireland. Its name was taken when it was refounded, in 1946, from the nineteenth-century society to which it was the successor. Whilst the interests of members do include archaeology, it is by no means the only or main focus of the Society.

The Society owns its own headquarters, the sixteenth century Rothe House, illustrated here before its complete restoration. The house, which is open to the public, is actually a complex of three houses, three courtyards, and the extensive Rothe Family garden, situated on Parliament Street, part of the main thoroughfare of the city of Kilkenny, the medieval capital of Ireland.

The house is now managed on behalf of the Society by Rothe House Trust

The Old Kilkenny Review

How it all came to be…

The Society publishes an annual journal, the Old Kilkenny Review, which is free to all members. The first issue, which is now very scarce, was published in 1948, and an issue has appeared for every year since.

The journal is the Society’s main contact with the majority of its members, many of whom live abroad, and beside a mix of articles of Kilkenny interest it carries a record of the Society’s activities, membership, obituaries and book reviews.