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Take-over of Kilkenny Barracks 1922

Takeover Kilkenny Military barracks – 7th Feb 1922 Eamonn Kiely It is said that the old Dublin City could be reconstructed by a reading of Ulysses. If so, Kilkenny is quite safe from being forgotten by the detail available in Jim – Judge Comerford’s book on the takeover of Kilkenny barracks. The Kilkenny People gave […]

The Dove – Elizabeth O’Neill

The Dove Peter McQuillan (11th May, 2012) Kilkenny City has, since the Middle Ages, had a reputation as a centre of theatrical performance. The late Peter Farrelly in his ‘600 Years of Theatre in Kilkenny, 1366-1966’1, tells the story of a young professional actress who arrived in Kilkenny in October 1812, to play in the […]

Thomas MacDonagh in Kilkenny

Thomas MacDonagh in Kilkenny Peter McQuillan In 1966, on the 50th anniversary of the Easter Rising, the principal railway stations in Ireland were given the names of persons who were executed for their part in the Rising and Kilkenny Station became MacDonagh Station. Who was this MacDonagh and why was Kilkenny Station chosen to carry […]

Towns And Villages Of Barrow

The Towns & villages of the Barrow Edward J. Law (2013) In 1776 Lieutenant Colonel Charles Vallancey undertook a military survey of Ireland, which is now in the British Library. The material for my talk is taken from the section dealing with the south-east under the heading Towns and Villages of the Barro described. So, […]

Six Years in Galmoy

Six Years In Galmoy Peter McQuillan Professor Pádraig Ó Macháin, of the School of Celtic Studies, in his book of this name, published in 2004, relates the story of the rural unrest in the Galmoy area of Co. Kilkenny in the years 1819-24. In common with other parts of the county, and of much of […]

Walkin’s Lough

Walkins Lough Edward J. Law (2012) Walkin Street in Kilkenny is said to have been named during the 16th and 17th centuries when, with the city enclosed by stout walls, it was the only area where the citizens of the High town could promenade or walk. If evidence were needed that this is completely unfounded […]

Walter Butler – Traitor or Hero

Walter Butler – Traitor or Hero Eamonn Kiely In a book of essays of the late Melo Lenox – Conyngham called A Life in Postcards one chapter deals with the above named Paulstown born Walter Butler. He comes down through history as having led the group that assassinated Albrecht von Wallenstein at Cheb in the […]

William Of Munster (William Kenealy)

William Kenealy – William of Munster (1828 -1876) Kilkenny Journalist. Eamonn Kiely If Kilkenny gave Cloyne Bishop George Berkeley, one of the World’s greatest philosophers, Cloyne returned the compliment by giving us William Kenealy. William was the son of a blacksmith. He became a schoolmaster but was dismissed for writing an “inflammatory pamphlet”. He was […]