Freshford, Part I

Ned Kennedy talks about the early history of Freshford and some related placenames.

Shortalls, Graces and the Wild Geese

Eamonn Kiely (2020) O’Callaghan’s History of the Irish Brigades deals with among others some of the famous Kilkenny families. Two of these were the Graces and Shortalls, names still synonymous with Kilkenny. The Shortalls were a distinguished Norman family who have a townsland named after them – Shortallstown. The remains of several of their castles […]

Archbishop Rinuccini, Papal Nuncio and the Confederation of Kilkenny

Paddy Neary (2020) The Supreme Council of the Kilkenny Confederation petitioned his Holiness Pope Innocent X for help in their struggle, and he decided to send a Nuncio to Ireland. He selected as Nuncio a man of great culture and piety, John Baptist Rinuccini, Archbishop of Fermo. This prelate was born in Rome on 15th […]

Standish O’Grady, one time Editor of the Moderator

Eamonn Kiely (2020) I have spoken to you before about O’Grady in the context of his role as editor of the local paper The Moderator and his championing o f Lady Desert’s people the Cuffes in a clash with the Ormonds, I titled it The Fight of the Earls. He spent only a couple of […]

Benchmarks in Kilkenny

Anne-Karoline Distel (2020) The tune you just heard is called “The Crow’s Trail”, an original written and performed by me. My name is Anne-Karoline Distel and today, I will talk about benchmarks. What are benchmarks? Most of you will have seen them. To me, they look like Chinese writing, some refer to them as crows’ […]