The Long March

Rosemary Barnes, 2018 Abstract. This paper is based on Mrs Ann Gibbons’ work of 2010 “Farmers on the Move: The Strategic Mobilisation of the Farming Lobby in 1960s Ireland”1. Mrs Gibbons was an active participant in the mass movement of farmers which culminated in The Long March of 1966 which highlighted farming rights and social […]

The Hawthorn and Its Significance in Celtic and Local Folklore

Nicholas Maher (2019) Many of you will be aware of the Raggedy Bush a few miles out the Kells Road. The bush in question is a Hawthorn which prompted me to research a little more about this tree of ancient roots and its place in both a historical and folklore context. Studies reveal the Hawthorn […]

How It Was Made – The Flag of The Irish Republic

Written and read by Eamonn Kiely (2018) For a few years a group of volunteers in Rothe House Kilkenny have been archiving long stored and somewhat neglected documents. As a member of the group, I was lucky to come across one in good handwriting and signed by two witnesses. It was in the form of […]

Turlough O’Carolan

Written, read and played by Anne-Karoline Distel (2018) [Audio of Planxty Irwin] Hello, my name is Anne and I’m going to tell you a bit about Turlough O’Carolan. Most of you will have heard of Planxty, the folk band of the 1970s and 1980s. I don’t know how many will know about the origin of […]

Lock Up Your Daughters

Written and read by Rosemary Barnes (2019) 1968, In the year of the Prague Spring, International student insurrection and the assassination of Martin Luther King, the Kilkenny People announced that “Hollywood comes to Kilkenny” because a colourful one million pound film begins, “soldiers on horseback, periwigged gentlemen, footmen, ladies in long flowing gowns with bustles, […]

Kilkenny Pastimes: Religious Plays

Written and read by Paddy Neary (2018) These religious or mystery plays originated in the wish of the clergy to substitute for the profane games with which the people were amused. The plays whilst giving entertainment they would also inculcate a moral lesson to the people. They were at first performed in churches and by […]

The Great Duke of Ormonde 1610-1688

Written and read by Eamonn Kiely (2019) This man ruled Ireland for thirty nine years on behalf of the British King. He was successively Earl Marquess and Duke. He was Lord Lieutenant and Viceroy. He served under four Stuart kings. During the Commonwealth rule of Oliver Cromwell he exiled on the Continent with King Charles […]

Bishop Richard Pococke

Written and read by Paddy Neary (2018) Saint Canice’s Cathedral Dr. Richard Pococke, an Englishman, an Oriental scholar, and a traveller of immense energy, became Bishop of Ossory in 1756. Nine years later he transferred to Meath where he died after a very brief illness. In his time in Ossory he did work of great […]

William F. Roe

Written and read by Nicholas Maher My talk today reflects on the life of the Kilkenny man William F Roe, and his immense contribution to Ireland’s development in his role as Chief Architect of Ireland’s Rural Electrification Scheme. One wonders back in December 1923, at the thoughts that went through the mind of the 19 […]