Lecture: One Hundred Years of Irish Foreign Policy

by Dr Michael Kennedy, School of Irish Studies Admission for members of the KAS is € 5, for non-members € 7. Dr Michael Kennedy is author and editor of a wide range of books and articles on Irish diplomatic and military history including: Irish Foreign Policy (Dublin, 2012) (with Noel Dorr, Ben Tonra and John Doyle); […]

Signatures of 1000 Kilkenny Women Who Opposed Conscription in 1918

The Irish nationalist women’s organisation, Cumann na mBan (CnamB), was formed in 1914, effectively a branch of the Irish Volunteers and explicitly supporting the use of arms. Despite carrying some weapons in the 1916 Rising, much of CnamB’s engagement was in intelligence gathering, procurement of rations, and as couriers, doctors or nurses. The organisation attracted […]