O'Kelly: Place-names of Co. Kilkenny Book Cover
O’Kelly: Place-names of Co. Kilkenny Book Cover

Owen O’Kelly
, aka Eoin/ Eoghan O Ceallaigh published his Place-names of County Kilkenny in 1969. Due to high demand, it was reprinted in 1985, but has since gone out of print and is very difficult to obtain. A copy is held by KAS library, but for researchers abroad, it was considered helpful to provide it online.
Tyrone born Owen O’Kelly (1897-1980) had come to Kilkenny as a teacher of Irish in 1925. As an avid cyclist, he got to know County Kilkenny thoroughly and published his first book on place names in 1953 under the title Cois Feoire. The publication of the Place-names of County Kilkenny followed two years after his retirement as a teacher. From 1953 to 1963, he was secretary of the Kilkenny Archaeological Society and had taken over that position from Hubert Butler. Owen’s wife, Sheila O’Kelly, oversaw the publication of the second edition of the Place-names of County Kilkenny in 1985, five years after his death. It is this edition we reproduce here.
The book is arranged by barony, so the KAS provides searchable pdf-files for each barony. You will find the pdfs by clicking on the barony’s name next to the townland’s name. For the larger baronies (like Gowran), the files are quite extensive, which might result in a longer loading time.
Please be aware that O’Kelly might have spelled place names different to how they are spelled today. Also keep in mind that even though he was a most dedicated researcher, the publication is not without minor mistakes.

Please click on the barony to open the searchable pdf-file.

Townland Barony
Abbeygrove Gowran
Abbeylands Ida
Acragar Galmoy
Acraroe Shillelogher
Adamstown Crannagh
Afaddy or Silversprings Iverk
Agha Gowran
Aghamucky Crannagh
Aghaviller Knocktopher
Aghclare Gowran
Aghenderry Shillelogher
Aghlis Iverk
Ahanure Kells
Allateenoe Kells
Annagha Ida
Annaleck Gowran
Annamolt Shillelogher
Annfield Ida
Archersgrove Shillelogher
Archersleas Shillelogher
Archersrath Gowran
Archerstreet Shillelogher
Ardbeag Ida
Ardaloo Fassidinan
Ardboy Crannagh
Ardclone Iverk
Arderra Iverk
Ardra Fassidinan
Ardreagh Galmoy
Ardscradaun Shillelogher
Ashglen or Goennafunshoge Gowran
Ashtown Knocktopher
Attetemore Ida
Aughkiltan Gowran
Aylwardstown Ida
Ayresfield Crannagh
Aughatubrid Fassidinan
Aughtanny Shillelogher

Text A

Townland Barony
Badger Rock Gowran
Balief Crannagh
Ballagh Crannagh
Ballaghcloneen Crannagh
Ballcurrin Ida
Balleen Galmoy
Ballevan Crannagh
Ballilogue Ida
Ballinamara Crannagh
Ballinamona Galmoy
Ballinclare Ida
Ballincre Ida
Ballincurra/Arderra Iverk
Ballincurra/Rathkieran Iverk
Ballincurragh Ida
Ballinlammy Ida
Ballinlaw Ida
Ballinlough Iverk
Ballintee Kells
Ballinteskin Knocktopher
Ballintlea Knocktopher
Ballintobar Knocktopher
Ballinva/Aghavillar Knocktopher
BallinvaKillahy Knocktopher
Ballinvalley Gowran
Ballinvarry Ida
Ballinvoher Ida
Ballyallog Ida
Ballybeagh Crannagh
Ballybegh Ida
Ballyboden Knocktopher
Ballybrae Knocktopher
Ballybrahy Ida
Ballybrazil Iverk
Ballybur Shillelogher
Ballybush Shillelogher
Ballycabus Gowran
Ballycallan Crannagh
Ballycannon Crannagh
Ballycarran Crannagh
Ballyclovan Shillelogher
Ballyclovan Meadows Shillelogher
Ballycoam Shillelogher
Ballycocksost Gowran
Ballycomay Fassidinan
Ballycommon Ida
Ballyconnaught Ida
Ballyconra Galmoy
Ballyconway Knocktopher
Ballycrony Ida
Ballycuddihy Galmoy
Ballycuiddihy Crannagh
Ballyda Shillelogher
Ballydaniel Crannagh
Ballydaw Iverk
Ballydonnel Gowran
Ballydonnell Galmoy
Ballydowan Knocktopher
Ballydowel Crannagh
Ballyduff/Graiguenamanagh Gowran
Ballyduff/Inistioge Gowran
Ballydun Crannagh
Ballyeden Ida
Ballyellis Galmoy
Ballyfasey Ida
Ballyfereen Ida
Ballyfliuch Kells
Ballyfoile Ida
Ballyfoyle Gowran
Ballyfrunk Crannagh
Ballygallon Gowran
Ballygardra Knocktopher
Ballygegan Gowran
Ballyglassoon Iverk
Ballygorey Iverk
Ballygowan/Fiddown Iverk
Ballygowan/Kilmoganny Kells
Ballygowney Galmoy
Ballygowney Galmoy
Ballygreek Knocktopher
Ballygriffin Iverk
Ballygub Ida
Ballygurteen Gowran
Ballyhack Crannagh
Ballyhale Knocktopher
Ballyhall Kells
Ballyhendrican Crannagh
Ballyhenebry Iverk
Ballyhimman Knocktopher
Ballyhimmin Fassidinan
Ballyhobuck Ida
Ballyhomuck Ida
Ballyjohnboy Gowran
Ballykeeffe/Kilmanagh Crannagh
Ballykeeffe/Tullaghanbrogue Shillelogher
Ballykeeffe Bog Crannagh
Ballykenna Ida
Ballykeoghan/Dunkitt Ida
Ballykeoghan/Tullaherin Gowran
Ballykillboy Ida
Ballyknockbeg Knocktopher
Ballyknockmore Knocktopher
Ballylarkin Crannagh
Ballylarkin/Killaloe Shillelogher
Ballylehaun Galmoy
Ballyline Shillelogher
Ballylinnan Fassidinan
Ballylowra Knocktopher
Ballylusky Knocktopher
Ballylynch Gowran
Ballymac Shillelogher
Ballymagillagill Knocktopher
Ballymartin/Donaghmore Fassidinan
Ballymartin/Listerlin Knocktopher
Ballymorris Knocktopher
Ballymountain Ida
Ballymurragh Gowran
Ballynabarnay Ida
Ballynabooley/Tullaherin Gowran
Ballynabooley/Ullid Iverk
Ballynacooly Knocktopher
Ballynacrony Iverk
Ballynalacken Fassidinan
Ballynakill/Graiguenamanagh Gowran
Ballynakill/Rossinan Knocktopher
Ballynalina Shillelogher
Ballynalinagh Kells
Ballynametagh Iverk
Ballynamona/Dunkitt Ida
Ballynamona/ Jerpoint Church Knocktopher
Ballynamona/Kilcolumb Ida
Ballynamountain Iverk
Ballynamurchan Ida
Ballynaraha/Killahy Knocktopher
Ballynascarry Crannagh
Ballynaslee Galmoy
Ballyneale Ida
Ballynearla Iverk
Ballynock Ida
Ballynolan Crannagh
Ballynoony Knocktopher
Ballynunry Ida
Ballyogan Gowran
Ballyoskill Fassidinan
Ballypatrick Iverk
Ballyphilip Crannagh
Ballyquin Knocktopher
Ballyquirk Gowran
Ballyrafton Fassidinan
Ballyragget Fassidinan
Ballyrahan Ida
Ballyredding Gowran
Ballyreddy Ida
Ballyring Galmoy
Ballyroberts Shillelogher
Ballyrobin Ida
Ballyroe/Columkille Gowran
Ballyroe/Freshford Crannagh
Ballyroe/Tullaroan Crannagh
Ballyrowrath Ida
Ballysallagh Gowran
Ballyshane Gowran
Ballyspellan Galmoy
Ballytarsna/Shankill Gowran
Ballytarsna/Tullaroan Crannagh
Ballytarsney Iverk
Ballytobin Kells
Ballytrasna Knocktopher
Ballyvaire Ida
Ballyvalden Gowran
Ballyvarring Ida
Ballyvateen Knocktopher
Ballyverneen Ida
Ballyvoulera Ida
Ballywalter Shillelogher
Ballywool Gowran
Banagher Iverk
Banog Shillelogher
Banse Glebe Crannagh
Barna Crannagh
Barnacole Iverk
Barnadown Knocktopher
Barnafea Gowran
Baronsland Gowran
Barrabehy Iverk
Barrackhill Crannagh
Barravalley Kells
Barrettstown Knocktopher
Barrnaviddaun Gowran
Barronsknock Kells
Barrowmount Gowran
Bartonsfarm Knocktopher
Baun Gowran
Baunageloge Ida
Baunanattin Knocktopher
Baunniska Crannagh
Baunaraha Crannagh
Baunastackan Gowran
Baunatillaun Kells
Baunavollaboy Shillelogher
Bauneamonn Kells
Bauneen Kells
Baunfree Kells
Baungarif Crannagh
Baungarriff Iverk
Baunhubbamaddereen Kells
Baunmore Galmoy
Baunreagh/Callan Kells
Baunreagh/Kilmoganny Kells
Baunreagh/St Patrick’s Shillelogher
Baunreagh/Stonecarthy Shillelogher
Baunreagh/Tullahought Kells
Baunricken Galmoy
Baunskeha Gowran
Baunta Kells
Bauntabearna Gowran
Bauntanameenagh Crannagh
Bawnballinlough Galmoy
Bawnlusk Shillelogher
Baysrath Kells
Bayswell Galmoy
Beatin Iverk
Belline and Rodgerstown Iverk
Bellville Crannagh
Belmont Ida
Bennettsbridge Galmoy
Bennettsmeadow Shillelogher
Bigbog Crannagh
Big Meadow Crannagh
Bigmeadow Kells
Birchfield Shillelogher
Birchwood Kells
Bishops Demesne Crannagh
Bishopsfurze Crannagh
Bishopsland Ida
Bishopslogh Gowran
Bishopsmountain Ida
Bihopshall Ida
Bishopsmeadows/Odagh Crannagh
Bishopsmeadow/St. Canice’s Crannagh
Bishopsnock Ida
Blackbog Kells
Blackbottom Crannagh
Blackstaff Shillelogher
Blackwell Gowran
Blackwood/Freshford Crannagh
Blackwood/Rathbeagh Galmoy
Blanchfieldsbog Crannagh
Blanchfieldsland Gowran
Blanchville Gowran
Blanchvilleskill Gowran
Blanchvillespark Gowran
Blanchvillestown Gowran
Bleachgreen Gowran
Blessington Gowran
Blossom Hill Ida
Bodal Gowran
Bodalmore Shillelogher
Bogcommons Kells
Boggan Crannagh
Boharawarrige Kells
Boharnastrekaun or Killure Gowran
Boharkyle/Freshford Crannagh
Boharkyle/Powerstown Gowran
Bohermore Gowran
Bohilla Gowran
Bolton Kells
Bonnetsrath Gowran
Bonnettstown Crannagh
Booley Shillelogher
Booleyglass Knocktopher
Booleyshea Crannagh
Bootstown Crannagh
Borris Crannagh
Borrisbeg Galmoy
Borrismore Galmoy
Bowersacre Knocktopher
Brabstown Crannagh
Brabstown Ida
Brackin Fassidinan
Bramblestown Gowran
Brandon Gowran
Branon Hill Gowran
Bregaun Kells
Brenar Iverk
Bricana Gowran
Briotas Crannagh
Briskalagh Crannagh
Brittasdryland Crannagh
Broadmore Kells
Brownmountain Crannagh
Brownsbarn Gowran
Brownsford Ida
Brownstown/Aghavillar Knocktopher
Brownstown/Castleinch Shillelogher
Brownstown/Claisacrow Crannagh
Brownstown/Listerlin Ida
Brownstown/St John’s Gowran
Brucana Galmoy
Bullockhill Fassidinan
Bungarrow Galmoy
Burnchurch Shillelogher
Burnchurch Viper Shillelogher
Burntfurze Crannagh
Burrellspark Gowran
Busherstown Ida
Bushtameen Kells
Butlersgrove Gowran
Butlerswood Kells
Byrnesgrove Fassidinan

Text B

Townland Barony
Callan Shillelogher
Callan North Shillelogher
Callan South Kells
Caherlesk Kells
Canvarstown Crannagh
Carran Gowran
Carranroe Ida
Carriganoran Ida
Carriganurra Ida
Carrigatna Kells
Carrigcloney Ida
Carrigeen/Jerpoint Church Knocktopher
Carrigeen/Knocktopher Knocktopher
Carrigeen/Rathcoole Gowran
Carriginnane Ida
Carrigmerlin Knocktopher
Carrigmorne Gowran
Cashel or Tobarnafauna Iverk
Cashel Iverk
Cassagh Gowran
Castlebanny Knocktopher
Castleblunden Shillelogher
Castlecolumb Knocktopher
Castlecomer Fassidinan
Castle Ellis Gowran
Castle Eve Shillelogher
Castlefield Gowran
Castlegannon Knocktopher
Castlegarden Gowran
Castleinch Shillelogher
Castlekelly Gowran
Castlemarket Fassidinan
Castlemorris Knocktopher
Castletobin Shillelogher
Castletown/Erke Galmoy
Castletown/Whitechurch Iverk
Castlewarren Gowran
Catsrock Ida
Catstown Knocktopher
Cappafaulish Shillelogher
Cappagh Gowran
Cappagh/Gaulskill Ida
Cappagh/Jerpoint Church Fassidinan
Cappagh/Kilcoan Ida
Cappagh/St Canice’s Crannagh
Cappaghayden Shillelogher
Cappahenry Kells
Cappalauna Kells
Cappass Kells
Cellarstown Gowran
Ceannafahy Kells
Charlestown Ida
Charterschool-land Gowran
Cherrymount Shillelogher
Christendom Ida
Church Hill Shillelogher
Churchclara Galmoy
Claisavaha Kells
Claiseancollaire Shillelogher
Clara Upper Gowran
Clarabricken Gowran
Clashacrow Crannagh
Clasharoe Iverk
Clashduff Fassidinan
Clashmagragh Gowran
Clashwilliam Gowran
Clifden Commons Gowran
Clifden or Rathgarvan Gowran
Clincaun Kells
Clintstown Crannagh
Clintstown Fassidinan
Clogaralt Ida
Clogga Iverk
Clogh Fassidinan
Cloghabrody Gowran
Cloghaisty Gowran
Cloghala Gowran
Clogharinka Fassidinan
Cloghfook Gowran
Cloghscregg Gowran
Clohoga Gowran
Clohogue Crannagh
Clomatagh Crannagh
Clonamery Ida
Clonard Crannagh
Clonassy Iverk
Clonconey Iverk
Clone Galmoy
Cloneen Fassidinan
Clonmoran Shillelogher
Clonmore Iverk
Clontubrid Crannagh
Clonygarra Kells
Cloone/Dunkitt Ida
Cloone/Kilmoganny Kells
Cloranshea Crannagh
Clover Gowran
Coalpitsparks Knocktopher
Coalsfarm Shillelogher
Coldharbour Crannagh
College Park Gowran
Colmkille Gowran
Com Gowran
Commoge Kells
Common Knocktopher
Commons/Gowran Gowran
Commons/Kilmocar Fassidinan
Commons North Gowran
Commons South Gowran
Conahy Fassidinan
Condonstown Kells
Conegar Gowran
Coolacrutta Galmoy
Coolaghflags Kells
Coolaghmore Kells
Coolalong Kells
Coolanimod Knocktopher
Coolapogue Shillelogher
Coolatoghar Gowran
Coolbawn Fassidinan
Coolbrican Gowran
Coolcashin Galmoy
Coolcullen Fassidinan
Coolcuttia Gowran
Coole/ Donaghmore Fassidinan
Coole/ The Rower Ida
Coolehill Kells
Cooleen Ida
Cooleirin Gowran
Cooleshal/Killaloe Crannagh
Cooleshal/Odagh Crannagh
Coolfearnamanagh Gowran
Coolgrange/St Canice’s Crannagh
Coolgrange/Tiscoffin Gowran
Coolgreany Gowran
Coolhill Ida
Coolmarks Gowran
Coolmeen Knocktopher
Coolmore/lnistioge Gowran
Coolmore/Knocktopher Knocktopher
Coolnabrone/Powerstown Gowran
Coolnabrone/Tullaghanbrogue Shillelogher
Coolnacoppog Fassidinan
Coolnahau Knocktopher
Coolnaleen Fassidinan
Coolnambrisklawn Fassidinan
Coolnamuc Ida
Coolnapise Crannagh
Coologe Kells
Cooloultha Galmoy
Coolraheen/Mothell Fassidinan
Coolraheen/Muckalee Fassidinan
Coolrainy/lnistioge Gowran
Coolrainy/The Rower Ida
Coolroe/Graiguenamangh Gowran
Coolroe/lnistioge Gowran
Coolroebeg Knocktopher
Coolsillagh Gowran
Coon Fassidinan
Coontraght Shillelogher
Coorleagh Gowran
Corbally/Callan Shillelogher
Corbally/Fiddown Iverk
Corbettstown Fassidinan
Corloughnan Iverk
Corluddy Iverk
Cornyeal Shillelogher
Corragaun Kells
Corstown Crannagh
Cotterellsbooley/ Jerpoint Church Knocktopher
Cotterellsbooley/ Stonecarthy Shillelogher
Cotterellsrath Kells
Cottrellstown Kells
Courtnaboghilla Gowran
Courtnabooley/ Mallardstown Kells
Courtnabooley East Kells
Courtnabooley West Kells
Courtstown Crannagh
Cox’s Fields Shillelogher
Craddockstown Crannagh
Cramersgrove Gowran
Creenkill Galmoy
Croan Knocktopher
Crobally Gowran
Croghtabeg Kells
Croghtenclogh Fassidinan
Crokershill Crannagh
Croneenlaun Kells
Cronoge Shillelogher
Crossoge Kells
Crosspatrick Galmoy
Crossybrennan Fassidinan
Crowhill Crannagh
Cruan/Coolaghmore Kells
Cruan/Danesfort Shillelogher
Cruan/Kilmoganny Kells
Crutt Fassidinan
Cullaun Ida
Cullentragh Ida
Cuppanagh Gowran
Curcacrone Kells
Currachscarteen Crannagh
Curragh/Ballycallan Crannagh
Curragh/Coolaghmore Kells
Curraghbehy Knocktopher
Curraghduff Crannagh
Curraghkehoe Crannagh
Curraghlane/Dysartmoon Ida
Curraghlane/Powerstown Ida
Curraghmartin Iverk
Curraghmore/ Jerpoint Church Ida
Curraghmore/Kilcolumb Ida
Curraghmore/Owning Iverk
Currahill Kells
Cussan Kells
Cussana/Aglish Iverk
Cussana/Portnascully Iverk
Townland Barony
Dairyhill Shillelogher
Dairy Hill Crannagh
Damerstown Fassidinan
Damma Crannagh
Danesfort Shillelogher
Danesrath Knocktopher
Dangan/Columkille Gowran
Dangan/Kilmacow Iverk
Danganbeg Kells
Danganmore Kells
Danville Shillelogher
Darbyshill Crannagh
Darbystown Knocktopher
Davidstown Ida
Deansground Shillelogher
Deerpark/Graiguenamanagh Galmoy
Deerpark/Killaloe Shillelogher
Deerpark/Rossinan Knocktopher
Deerpark/St Canice’s Crannagh
Deirdimus Shillelogher
Dereen Shillelogher
Derrylecky Knocktopher
Derrynahinch Knocktopher
Desert Demesne Shillelogher
Dickborough Crannagh
Dirtystep Kells
Donaghmore Fassidinan
Donaghmore/Fertagh Galmoy
Donaguile Fassidinan
Donoughmore Shillelogher
Doorath Crannagh
Doornane Iverk
Dowling Iverk
Drakelands Shillelogher
Dreelingstown Crannagh
Drimeen Kells
Drumagoole Fassidinan
Drumdowney Ida
Drumerin Fassidinan
Dukesmeadows Shillelogher
Dunbell Gowran
Dundaryark Shillelogher
Dungarvan Gowran
Dungooley Iverk
Duninga Gowran
Dunkitt Ida
Dunmore Fassidinan, Gowran
Dunmore Park Gowran
Dunnamaggin Kells
Dunningstown Crannagh
Dysart Fassidinan
Dysert Gowran
Townland Barony
Eagleshill Gowran
Earlsbog Crannagh
Earlsbog Commons Gowran
Earlsgarden/Attanagh Fassidinan
Earlsgarden/ Rosconnel Fassidinan
Earlsgrove Knocktopher
Earlsland Shillelogher
Earlsquarter Gowran
Earlsrath Knocktopher
Ennisnag Shillelogher
Esker Fassidinan
Fahy Ida
Fanningstown Iverk
Farmley Shillelogher
Farnoge/Dunkitt Ida
Farnoge/Rossinan Ida
Farntemple Ida
Farranaree Kells
Farranmacedmond Iverk
Feathallagh Gowran
Fiddaun Gowran
Fiddown Iverk
Filbuckstown Iverk
Finan Fassidinan
Firgrove Gowran
Firoda Fassidinan
Fishergraigue Gowran
Flagmount Gowran
Flemingstown Ida
Flemingstown Iverk
Floodhall Knocktopher
Folksrath Fassidinan
Forehill Crannagh
Forrestalstown Ida
Foulkscourt Galmoy
Foulksrath Kells
Foulkstown Shillelogher
Foxcover Shillelogher
Foyle Galmoy
Foyleatalura Crannagh
Frankfort Galmoy
Frenystown Gowran
Freshford Crannagh
Freshford Lots Crannagh
Friarsinch Gowran
Furzehouse Shillelogher
Townland Barony
Gallowshill/Gowran Gowran
Gallowshill/St Patrick’s Shillelogher
Garranagle Crannagh
Garranaguilly Fassidinan
Garranamanagh Crannagh
Garranbehy Ida
Garranconnell Crannagh
Garrandarragh/ Jerpoint West Ida
Garrandarragh/Kilbeacon Knocktopher
Garranhalloo Kells
Garranmachenry Kells
Garranrobin Kells
Garranstan Kells
Garranvabby Ida
Garraun/Castleinch Shillelogher
Garraun/Coolaghmore Kells
Garrincreen Gowran
Garrydogue Galmoy
Garryduff/Kilmacahill Gowran
Garryduff/Owning Iverk
Garrygaug Iverk
Garryhiggin Crannagh
Garrylaun Galmoy
Garrylesha Gowran
Garrynaman Kells
Garrynarea Iverk
Garryricken Kells
Garrythomas Kells
Gaulstown/Ballinamara Crannagh
Gaulstown/Gaulskill Ida
Gaulstown/Kilcolumb Ida
Gaulstown/Muckalee Fassidinan
Glashare Galmoy
Glenballyvally Ida
Glebe Shillelogher
Glebe/Castlecomer Fassidinan
Glebe/Fertagh Galmoy
Glebe/Kells Kells
Glebe/Kilfane Gowran
Glebe/Knocktopher Knocktopher
Glen Kells
Glenbower Iverk
Glencoghlea Ida
Glencommaun Kells
Glencoum Gowran
Glendine Gowran
Glendonnell Knocktopher
Glengrant Iverk
Glenmagoo Fassidinan
Glenmore Knocktopher
Glenpipe Knocktopher
Glenreagh Crannagh
Glensensaw Ida
Glentiroe Ida
Glin Ida
Goldenfield Crannagh
Goodwinsgarden Kells
Goresbridge Galmoy
Gorteen/Castlecomer Fassidinan
Gorteen/Powerstown Gowran
Gorteenalee Shillelogher
Gorteenamuck Galmoy
Gorteenara Fassidinan
Gorteens Ida
Gorteenteen Crannagh
Gortnacurragh Shillelogher
Gortnagap Crannagh
Gortnagloch Kells
Gortnasragh Shillelogher
Gortphaudeen Kells
Gortrush Iverk
Goslingstown Shillelogher
Gowran Gowran
Gowran Demesne Gowran
Gragara Fassidinan
Greatoak Shillelogher
Greatwood Shillelogher
Greenhill Crannagh
Grennan Gowran
Graigue/Burnchurch Shillelogher
Graigue/Coolaghmore Kells
Graigue/Kilmanagh Crannagh
Graigue/Whitechurch Iverk
Graigueavine Iverk
Graiguenakill Ida
Graiguenamanagh Gowran
Graigueooly Shillelogher
Graiguesmeadow Kells
Graigueswood Crannagh
Grange/Castleinch Shillelogher
Grange/Grangecuffe Shillelogher
Grange/Grangemacomb Fassidinan
Grange/Pollrone Iverk
Grange/Rower Ida
Grangecuffe Shillelogher
Grangefertagh Galmoy
Grangehill Gowran
Granny Iverk
Greenridge Gowran
Greenville Ida
Grevine Shillelogher
Griffinstown Gowran
Grogan Ida
Grove/Blanchvilleskill Galmoy
Grove/Powerstown Gowran
Grove/Tullaghanbrogue Shillelogher
Grovebeg Kells
Guilcagh Ida
Townland Barony
Haggard/Kilmakaevoge Ida
Haggard/Kilree Kells
Haggardsgreen Shillelogher
Harristown Iverk
Hermitage Ida
Higginstown Gowran
Highrath Gowran
Hilland Crannagh
Holdensrath Crannagh
Holdenstown Gowran
Hoodsgrove Ida
Hugginstown Knocktopher
Hunstown Crannagh
Huntington Gowran
Townland Barony
Inchabride Fassidinan
Inchacarran Knocktopher
Inchakill Fassidinan
Inchbeg Crannagh
Inchmore/Coolcraheen Crannagh
Inchmore/Freshford Crannagh
Inchnagloch Kells
Inistioge Gowran
Islands/Coolcraheen Crannagh
Islands/Urlingford Galmoy
Townland Barony
Jackstown Gowran
James’ Green Crannagh
James’ Park Crannagh
Jamestown/Ballygurrim Ida
Jamestown/Fiddown Iverk
Jenkinstown Fassidinan
Jerpoint Abbey Gowran
Jerpoint Church Knocktopher
Jerpoint Hill Knocktopher
Jerpoint West Gowran
Jockeyhall Gowran
Johnswell Gowran
Joinersfolly Shillelogher
Jordonstown Gowran
Julianstown Fassidinan
Townland Barony
Kearneysbay Ida
Keatingstown/Lismatigue Knocktopher
Keatingstown/St Canice’s Crannagh
Kells Kells
Kellsborough Kells
Kellsgrange Kells
Kellymount Gowran
Kilandrew Knocktopher
Kilballykeeffe Crannagh
Kilbline Gowran
Kilbraghan/Dysartmoon Ida
Kilbraghan/Kilmanagh Crannagh
Kilbrican Shillelogher
Kilbride Ida
Kilbride/ Callan Kells
Kilbride Glebe Kells
Kilcollan Fassidinan
Kilconnelly Ida
Kilcreen Crannagh
Kilcreggan Iverk
Kilcross Gowran
Kilcullen Gowran
Kilcurl Knocktopher
Kildalton Iverk
Kilderry Gowran
Kildrinagh Crannagh
Kildrummy Kells
Kilfane Gowran
Kilferagh Shillelogher
Kilkeasy Knocktopher
Kilkieran Gowran
Kill Fassidinan
Killahy Knocktopher
Killaloe Shillelogher
Killamery Kells
Killaree Crannagh
Killarney Gowran
Killaspy Ida
Killeen/Inistioge Gowran
Killeen/Killahy Knocktopher
Killeen/Kilmanagh Crannagh
Killeen/Ullard Knocktopher
Killeens Ida
Killinaspick Iverk
Killindra Kells
Killiney Kells
Kiljames Gowran
Kilkieran Gowran
Kilmacahill Gowran
Kilmacoliver Kells
Kilmacow Iverk
Kilmacshane Gowran
Kilmademoge Fassidinan
Kilmadum Fassidinan
Kilmakaevoge Ida
Kilmanagh Crannagh
Kilmanaheen Gowran
Kilmanahin Iverk
Kilminick Kells
Kilmocar Gowran
Kilmoganny Kells
Kilmogar Gowran
Kilmogue Knocktopher
Kilmurray/Columkille Gowran
Kilmurray/Rathpatrick Ida
Kilonerry Iverk
Kiloshulan Crannagh
Kilree Kells
Kilree/ Grangekilree Shillelogher
Kilrush Crannagh
Kiltallaghan Kells
Kiltorcan Knocktopher
Kiltown/Castlecomer Fassidinan
Kiltown/The Rower Ida
Kiltrassy Kells
Kilvinoge Knocktopher
Kingsland/Clara Gowran
Kingsland/St Canice’s Crannagh
Kingsmountain Knocktopher
Kirvan’s Inch Fassidinan
Knickeen Kells
Knockadrina Shillelogher
Knockanadoge Fassidinan
Knockanore Gowran
Knockanroe Gowran
Knockard Gowran
Knockatore Ida
Knockavalley Shillelogher
Knockbarron Gowran
Knockbodaly Gowran
Knockbrack/ Kilcolumb Ida
Knockbrack/ Woollengrange Gowran
Knockbutton Kells
Knockeenbaun Crannagh
Knockeenglas Crannagh
Knockdav Galmoy
Knockglas Kells
Knockgrace Crannagh
Knocklegan Shillelogher
Knockmajor Fassidinan
Knockmore Knocktopher
Knockmoylan Knocktopher
Knocknabooley Shillelogher
Knocknaguppoge Gowran
Knocknamuck Crannagh
Knocknew Fassidinan
Knockown Crannagh
Knockreagh Shillelogher
Knockroe/Ballinamara Crannagh
Knockroe/Kilmoganny Kells
Knockroe/Rathbeagh Crannagh
Knockroe/Tullaghought Kells
Knockshanbally Gowran
Knocktopher Knocktopher
Knockwilliam Knocktopher
Kyle/Coolaghmore Kells
Kyle/Kilmoganny Kells
Kyleadangan Shillelogher
Kyleadohir Kells
Kyleateera Kells
Kyleballynamoe Crannagh
Kyleballyoughter Crannagh
Kylebeg/Ballycallan Crannagh
Kylebeg/Gowran Gowran
Kylemore Ida
Kylenasaggart Crannagh
Kylenaskeagh Shillelogher
Kyleroe Gowran
Kyleva Knocktopher
Kylevehagh Shillelogher
Townland Barony
Lacken/ Ullard Gowran
Lacken/Graiguenamanagh Gowran
Lacken/St Canice’s Crannagh
Lacken/St John’s Gowran
Lackendragaun Kells
Laghtbrack Kells
Lakyle Shillelogher
Lamoge Kells
Lates Crannagh
Lavistown Gowran
Lawcas Shillelogher
Leannaght Ida
Leapstown Fassidinan
Legan Gowran
Leggetsrath Gowran
Lemonstown Kells
Leugh Crannagh
Licketstown Iverk
Lintaun Shillelogher
Lisballyfroot Crannagh
Lisdoolin Iverk
Lisdowney Galmoy
Lisduff Fassidinan
Lismaine Fassidinan
Lismatigue Knocktopher
Lisnafunchin Fassidinan
Lisnalea Crannagh
Listerlin Ida
Littlefield Fassidinan
Lodge/ Balleen Galmoy
Lodge/ Sheffin Galmoy
Lodge Demesne East Crannagh
Loon Fassidinan
Lough Galmoy
Loughbeg Kells
Loughboreen Gowran
Loughboy Shillelogher
Loughhill Fassidinan
Loughmacask Crannagh
Loughmerans Gowran
Loughooley Shillelogher
Loughsoluis Kells
Lousybush Crannagh
Lowergrange Gowran
Luffany/Portnascully Iverk
Luffany/Rathpatrick Ida
Lughinny Crannagh
Luskinagh Crannagh
Lyons Crannagh
Lyrath Gowran
Townland Barony
Mabbotstown Knocktopher
Maddoxtown Gowran
Maidenhall Shillelogher
Maidenhill Shillelogher
Mallardstown Kells
Mangan Ida
Manselscourt Knocktopher
Mantingstown Kells
Margaretsfields Shillelogher
Marnellsmeadows Shillelogher
Maudlin Fassidinan
Maudlinsland Gowran
Maxtown Shillelogher
Meallaghmore Kells
Melville Ida
Memory Kells
Michaelschurch Crannagh
Middleknock Gowran
Millbanks Ida
Millisland Kells
Milltown/ Ballygurrim Ida
Milltown/ Dunkit Ida
Milltown/ Muckalee Iverk
Milltown/ Ullard Gowran
Minalns Shillelogher
Moanamought Shillelogher
Moanarche Commons Kells
Moanavadda Shillelogher
Moangarve Kells
Moankeal Shillelogher
Moanmore/Callan Shillelogher
Moanmore/Dunnamaggin Kells
Moanroe/Kilcolumb Ida
Moanroe/Knocktopher Knocktopher
Moat Crannagh
Moatpark Fassidinan
Mohil Fassidinan
Moinen Gowran
Molassy Kells
Molum Iverk
Monaboul Kells
Monabrika Crannagh
Monabrogue Crannagh
Monachuna Kells
Monadubban Kells
Monafrica Crannagh
Monassa Kells
Monavadaroe Crannagh
Monavinaun Iverk
Monblanchameen Crannagh
Moneenroe Fassidinan
Moneyhenry Fassidinan
Moneyhigue Knocktopher
Monphole Galmoy
Monteenmore Gowran
Moonahall Gowran
Mooncoin Iverk
Mooneenaun Galmoy
Moonveen Iverk
Morgagefields Shillelogher
Mountfinn Galmoy
Mountgale Crannagh
Mountloftus Gowran
Mountmisery Ida
Mountneill Iverk
Mountnugent Gowran
Mountsion Ida
Moyhora Fassidinan
Moyne Fassidinan
Muck Gowran
Muckalee Fassidinan
Muckmeadows Shillelogher
Mullanatinna Galmoy
Mullaunglas Kells
Mullenbeg Iverk
Mullennahone Ida
Mullinabro Ida
Mullinakill Knocktopher
Mullinavat Knocktopher
Mung Gowran
Murtaghstown Ida
Townland Barony
Naglesland Crannagh
Narrabaun Iverk
Newengland Crannagh
Neigham Gowran
Newchurch Kells
Newfarm Ida
Newgrove Ida
Newhouse/Gowran Gowran
Newhouse/Tullaherin Gowran
Newlands Shillelogher
Newmarket Knocktopher
Neworchard Gowran
Newpark/Kilmoganny Kells
Newpark/St Maul’s Gowran
Newrath Ida
Newtown-Jerpoint see Jerpoint Church
Newtown/ Clomantagh Crannagh
Newtown/ Dunkitt Ida
Newtown/ Dunnamaggin Kells
Newtown/ Earlstown Crannagh
Newtown/ Graiguenamanagh Gowran
Newtown/ Kilcooley Crannagh
Newtown/ Kilcullen Ida
Newtown/ Mothell Fassidinan
Newtown/ St Canice’s Crannagh
Newtown/ St John’s Gowran
Newtown/ Thomastown Gowran
Nicholastown/ Kilcolumb Ida
Nicholastown/ Kilmenan Fassidinan
Nicholastown/ Pollrone Iverk
Townland Barony
Oldcastle Kells
Oldcourt/Clonamery Ida
Oldcourt/Fiddown Iverk
Old Grange Gowran
Old Park Crannagh
Oldtown/Burnchurch Shillelogher
Oldtown/Grangemacomb Fassidinan
Oldtown/Jerpoint Church Knocktopher
Oldtown/Tullaroan Crannagh
Oldtownhill Crannagh
Ossory Hill Gowran
Outrath Shillelogher
Ovanstown Shillelogher
Owning Iverk
Townland Barony
Paddock/Burnchurch Shillelogher
Paddock/Grange Shillelogher
Palmerstown Crannagh
Parkmore Shillelogher
Parks Crannagh
Parksgrove Galmoy
Parkstown Ida
Paulstown Gowran
Pawlarth Shillelogher
Pennyfeather Lot Gowran
Physicianstown Kells
Picketstown Crannagh
Pigeonpark Shillelogher
Piltown Iverk
Pleberstown Gowran
Pollagh/Killamery Kells
Pollagh/Kilmanagh Crannagh
Pollagh/Mallardstown Kells
Pollagh/Powerstown Gowran
Pollrone Iverk
Pollrone/Tullahought Kells
Portnahully Iverk
Portnascully Iverk
Posey Gowran
Pottlesrath Crannagh
Poulanassy Iverk
Poulboy Kells
Poulgour Shillelogher
Powerstown Gowran
Powerswood Gowran
Priestsvalley Gowran
Prologue Kells
Purcellsgarden Crannagh
Purcellsinch Gowran
Townland Barony
Quarryland Gowran
Townland Barony
Racecourse (The) of Kilmog Shillelogher
Radestown Gowran
Raggetsland Shillelogher
Rahard Ida
Raheen/Dunnamaggin Kells
Raheen/Fiddown Iverk
Raheen/Rosbercon Ida
Raheen/Tullaroan Crannagh
Raheenagun Crannagh
Raheenapisa Shillelogher
Raheenarran Kells
Raheendonore Gowran
Raheenduff/Grange Shillelogher
Raheenduff/The Rower Ida
Rahillakeen Ida
Rathaglish Ida
Rathaleek Shillelogher
Rathard Ida
Rathbane Galmoy
Rathbeagh Galmoy
Rathbourne Gowran
Rathcash Gowran
Rathclevin Crannagh
Rathclogh Shillelogher
Rathculbin Kells
Rathculliheen Ida
Rathcurby Iverk
Rathcusack or Rathcorraig Gowran
Rathduff/Donaghmore Fassidinan
Rathduff/Kells Kells
Rathduff/Stonecarthy Shillelogher
Rathduff/Woollengrange Gowran
Rathealy Crannagh
Rathelty Crannagh
Ratheneroche Gowran
Rathinure Ida
Rathkieran Iverk
Rathkyle Fassidinan
Rathleen Gowran
Rathlogan Galmoy
Rathmacan Crannagh
Rathmoyle Crannagh
Rathnasmolaigh Ida
Rathora Ida
Rathosheen Galmoy
Rathoscar Galmoy
Rathpatrick Ida
Rathpatrick/Erke Galmoy
Rathpoilin Galmoy
Rathreagh Galmoy
Rathanagadan Ida
Readsbarn Kells
Redacres Knocktopher
Redbog Gowran
Redgap Ida
Redeen Crannagh
Redhouse Shillelogher
Reisc/Ballycailan Crannagh
Reisc/Tullaghanbrogue Shillelogher
Remeen Crannagh
Revanagh Gowran
Ricesland Knocktopher
Richardsland Ida
Ridge Galmoy
Riesc Shillelogher
Ringville Ida
Ringwood Ida
Risselstown Ida
Riversfield Kells
Roachpond Gowran
Robertshill Crannagh
Robinstown Ida
Rochestown/Kilcolumb Ida
Rochestown/Rathkieran Iverk
Rockshire Ida
Rogerstown Kells
Rosbercon Ida
Roscon Kells
Rosdama Crannagh
Rosroe Gowran
Rossanarra Kells
Rossaney Kells
Rossmore Shillelogher
Rossinan Knocktopher
Rossnowl Ida
Ruppa Gowran
Russelstown Fassidinan
Ruthstown Fassidinan
Rylanes Shillelogher
Townland Barony
Sandpits Iverk
Sandsfordscourt Gowran
Sart Crannagh
Scairtnamoe Ida
Scanlansland Fassidinan
Scart/Clara Gowran
Scart/Dungarvan Gowran
Scart/Rossinan Knocktopher
Scotsboro Shillelogher
Screhaun Kells
Shanbogh Ida
Shanganny Fassidinan
Sheafield Gowran
Shellumsrath Shillelogher
Shrugavadda Kells
Seixlough Gowran
Seskin/Aharney Galmoy
Seskin/Killamery Kells
Seven Islands Gowran
Seven Sisters Galmoy
Shanchaislaun Kells
Shankill Gowran
Sheepstown/Kilmanagh Crannagh
Sheepstown/Knocktopher Knocktopher
Sheestown Shillelogher
Sheskin Kells
Shortallstown Kells
Shraghgaddy Gowran
Shraleagh Fassidinan
Simonsland Crannagh
Sionhermitage Gowran
Skeaghacloran Shillelogher
Skeaghaturris Shillelogher
Skeaghcroum Crannagh
Skeard Ida
Skehane Fassidinan
Skinstown Galmoy
Slade/Callan Kells
Slade/Castlecomer Fassidinan
Sleveen Fassidinan
Slievecurragh Ida
Smartscastle Ida
Smithsland Shillelogher
Smithstown/Dysart Fassidinan
Smithstown/Kilbeacon Knocktopher
Smithstown/Listerlin Knocktopher
Smithstown/Thomastown Gowran
Smithstown/Tullaherin Gowran
Spahill Galmoy
Springhill Crannagh
Springhill Shillelogher
Sprucheshay Kells
Stampspark Gowran
Stakally Gowran
Stangs Gowran
Stonecarthy (see Cotterellsbooley) Shillelogher
Stonecarthy Shillelogher
Stoneen Gowran
Strangamills Ida
Stripes Ida
Stroan Gowran
Sugarstown Gowran
Summersiane Kells
Sunhill Shillelogher
Suttonsrath Crannagh
Sweethill Galmoy
Swiftsheath Fassidinan
Townland Barony
Talbotshill Gowran
Talbotsinch Crannagh
Templemartin Gowran
Templeorum Iverk
Tentore Galmoy
Thomastown Gowran
Threecastle Crannagh
Threecastles Demesne Crannagh
Tibberaghney Iverk
Tiermore Iverk
Tifeaghna Galmoy
Tikerlevan Gowran
Tillanvoulty Galmoy
Tinalintan Fassidinan
Tinaslatty Ida
Tinascolly Ida
Tincarran Shillelogher
Tincashel Galmoy
Tincouse Gowran
Tingarran Shillelogher
Tinnakeenly Gowran
Tinnakilly/Fiddown Iverk
Tinnakilly/Killaloe Shillelogher
Tinnakilly/Rosbercon Ida
Tinnalintan Fassidinan
Tinnamona Kells
Tinnapark Gowran
Tinnaranny Ida
Tinnascarthy Galmoy
Tinnaslatty Galmoy
Tintine Ida
Tinvancoosh Ida
Tinvaun Kells
Tiroe Gowran
Tobarbreedia Crannagh
Tobarnabrone Iverk
Tobarnapeiste Crannagh
Toinnahaha Gowran
Tomakeany Fassidinan
Tomascotha Fassidinan
Toorbeg Fassidinan
Toormore Fassidinan
Toornamongan Galmoy
Toortan Fassidinan
Trenchardstown Crannagh
Trenchmore Kells
Trinaree Ida
Troyswood Crannagh
Tubbrid Crannagh
Tubrid Iverk
Tuitestown Kells
Tullabrin Gowran
Tullaher Ida
Tullaherin Gowran
Tullahought Kells
Tullamaine Shillelogher
Tullaroan Crannagh
Tullowglass Fassidinan
Turkstown Iverk
Townland Barony
Ullard Gowran
Ullid Iverk
Uppergrange or Grangesylvia Gowran
Upperwood Demesne Crannagh
Urlingford Galmoy
Uskerty Fassidinan
Townland Barony
Vinesgrove Kells
Viper Kells
Townland Barony
Waddingstown or Ashgrove Iverk
Walkinslough Shillelogher
Wallslough Shillelogher
Wallstown Crannagh
Waltonsgrove Knocktopher
Warrenstown Galmoy
Warrington Shillelogher
Washerbog Shillelogher
Wateree Gowran
Waterland Galmoy
Weatherstown Ida
Webbsborough Fassidinan
West court Shillelogher
Westmoreland Knocktopher
Wetland Shillelogher
Whitecastle Knocktopher
Whitechurch Iverk
Whitehouse Shillelogher
Whitesland Kells
Whiteswall Galmoy
Wildfield/Kilmadum Gowran
Wildfield/Muckalee Fassidinan
Windgap Kells
Woodlands Shillelogher
Woodquarter Gowran
Woodsgift Crannagh
Woodville Gowran
Woollengrange Gowran