Spines of Old Kilkenny Reviews

Kilkenny Archaeological Society has published an annual journal, Old Kilkenny Review, since 1948. Papers of historical and archaeological interest, together with book reviews, the Proceedings of the Society, and obituaries are included. The journal is issued free to members.
NOTE: Article titles have been expanded to more fully reflect article content. Authors names have been reconciled, eg articles by Margaret Phelan and by Mrs W J Phelan are now listed as Margaret M Phelan. (Compiled by Ann Tierney)

O'Leary, JohnCome with us' - a call for new members from the Kilkenny Archaeological Society3-51947
Butler, HubertEditorial comment - the first three years of KAS8-101947
Lyng, Tom P.Ballyragget and district (part 1)11-241947
Gibb, John S.A cycle tour on the Upper Nore: Talbot's Inch, the 'Rock', Three Castles, Lismaine, Rathbeagh, Ballyraggett, Donoughmore, Foulksrath, Swifte's Heath, Odagh, Jenkinstown, Dunmore, Greenvale25-301947
Butler, HubertA Kilkenny Survey by O G S Crawford (Irish Times)31-331947
Springfield, Rose & Francoise HenryThe Seven Bishops - a legend of Ossory (The Folk-Lore Magazine)34-371947
O'Kelly, OwenPlace-names in Co Kilkenny: pathways, rivers, baronies, townlands38-461947
Gibb, John S.Foulksrath Castle: De la Frene; Purcell; Dawson; Henshaw; Green; Wright; Ryan; Swifte47-541947
Monks, WillieThe cave of Dunmore55-601947
Clohosey, T.J.St John's Priory61-621947
An t-Ath. MichéalSt Fiacre's well63-671947
Sparks, MayThe Rothes of Kilkenny07-131948
Murphy, ClaireKilkenny marble works at Abbey Vale, and the Colles family14-191948
O'Leary, JohnUllard20-251948
Pilsworth, W.J.The Merino factory on the King's river at Ennisnag, 1810-182226-311948
Kenealy, MaryThe walls of Kilkenny32-381948
Craig, MauriceGeorgian Architecture in Kilkenny- a tour of Bessborough, Kildalton; Castletown Cox; Desart Court39-411948
Hughes, J.J.Inistioge42-471948
Phelan, Margaret M.The Tholsel of Kilkenny48-551948
Gibb, John S.Talbot's Inch: the families of Talbot, Lawless, Hartstronge, Desart51-551948
Graves, JamesAncient street architecture in Kilkenny (Kilkenny Archaeological Society Journal, 1849)08-141949
Prim, John G.A.Kilkenny inns and taverns (Kilkenny Archaeological Society Journal, 1849)15-231949
Butler, HubertThe Kilkenny Theatre 1802-1819 (Dublin Magazine)24-321949
Lanigan, Katherine M.John Banim in Windgap Cottage, Kilkenny 1835-184233-391949
Pilsworth, Mrs. W.J.George Bernard Shaw's connection with Kilkenny: Sandpits near Piltown, and Kilree near Bennettsbridge40-421949
Sparks, MayGowran43-461949
Grattan Bellew, BettinaMount Loftus47-491949
Clohosey, T.J.Kilkenny Castle50-531949
Bersu, GerhardFreestone Hill, a preliminary report on the excavations05-101951
Healy, MaryTullaroan11-191951
Butler, HubertThe old Kilkenny Archaeological Society and its successors, the RSAI etc. (Radio Eireann broadcast)20-271951
Lanigan, Katherine MKells28-341951
Pilsworth, W.J.Thomastown Corporation35-431951
Clohosey, T.J.Dunmore House44-481951
Sparks, MayConfederate banners491951
Pilsworth, W.J.Thomastown01-091952
Clohosey, T.J.Carrickshock: the Tithe War 1830-3110-151952
Walsh, Frank R.Callan16-221952
Lyng, Tom P.Castlecomer plateau23-341952
Kenealy, MaryArmorial slabs on old Kilkenny houses: Shee, Fitzgerald, Rothe, Archer, Archdeacon, Langton, Ormonde35-431952
Phelan, Margaret M.Dunamaggin44-471952
Brennan, JamesCanon William Carrigan, historian1-81953
news cutting 1838Mount Warrington Distillery, Kilkenny Moderator81953
Murphy, ClaireAlice Kyteler9-141953
news cutting 1819Kilkenny Day Coach to Dublin, Kilkenny Moderator141953
Pilsworth, W.J.Dysart15-171953
news cutting 1891Archersgrove Mills, Kilkenny Moderator171953
Leahy, G.Ballyspellan Spa18-221953
O'Kelly, OwenKellymount old Abbey, Kilmacahil, Paulstown23-251953
Phelan, Margaret M. & Katherine M. LaniganHigh Street, West side from the Parade to William Street26-371953
Watters, PatrickThe approaches to Kilkenny [abridged from JRSAI 1872]38-461953
Sparks, MayTullaherin47-491953
Gibb, John S.St Canice's Cathedral bells50-531953
news cutting 1886The National Bank, Kilkenny Moderator 1886531953
Murphy, ClaireTen civic families of Kilkenny: Archdekin, Archer, Cowley, Langton, Leys, Knaresborough, Lawless, Ragget, Rothe, Shee01-191954
Phelan, Margaret M.High Street, East side from the Tholsel to the Parade20-241954
Stopford, NancyThe Kilkenny Canal 1755-178625-291954
Gibb, John S.Letters of Rev James Graves to John G A Prim in 186130-341954
Sparks, MayArchbishop Rinuccini, Papal Nuncio35-391954
O'Carroll, Martin F.Kilkenny's narrow alleys and lanes - a poem401954
news cuttingsKilkenny Castle picture gallery: portraits by Kneller, Woodward, and Osborne, from Studies June 1949, June 1940, and Dec 1943491954
Tennison, C.M.Loughnan's Bank, Kilkenny 1800-20 - Connell Loughnan & John Helsham541954
Lyng, Tom P.Kilgory on the Laois/Kilkenny border41-451954
archival documentDeed between Patrick McLoughlin, Kilkenny clothier, and Edmund Lord Viscount Mountgarret of Ballyconra 178446-491954
O'Kelly, OwenLiosta focal Gaeilge ata meascaithe trid an Bearla ag muintir Chill Chainnigh /A list of Irish words interwoven in the English language in County Kilkenny50-531954
Prendergast, EllenPre-historic cooking places in Webbsborough-Muckalee District01-101955
Walsh, PatrickUpper Patrick Street notes11-151955
O'Brien, SeanAncient parish of Kilmacahill16-181955
Drennan, CatherineKylebeg, parish of Blanchvilles-Kill, the Church of St Nicholas19-231955
Kenealy, MaryBlanchfield house and demesne: the Blanchvilles and Kearneys24-291955
Gibb, John S., William J. Phelan & Jim KeoghIrishtown notes (part 1)30-351955
archivalGlimpse into the past: when the vane fell from the Town Hall 1880351955
Clohosey, T.J.Cromwell's siege of Kilkenny36-461955
news cuttingMedical school in Kilkenny - note in Fleetwood, History of Medicine471955
Phelan, William J. & John S. Gibb & Jim KeoghIrishtown notes (part 2): St Canice's Place (ancient Bull Alley) and Vicar Street01-061956
Hoyne, TomHenry Ellis of Wildfield/Rockbrook, Muckalee07-101956
McEnery-Gwynn, AlicePen picture of a great artist - Sir John Lavery's Kilkenny connections11-131956
Hegarty, MaureenJohnswell, Cantwell's Court, & Kilderry14-261956
Hughes, J.J.Clonamery church, Inistioge27-311956
Lyng, Tom P.Ballyragget and district (part 2)32-411956
Hughes, Edward W.Coolhill Castle42-471956
Sparks, MayPottlerath and Kilmanagh48-541956
Pilsworth, W.J.Kilkenny Corporation accounts of 1770-72 at the RSAI55-591956
Butler, H.W.The Butlers of Co Clare591956
O'Neill, Thomas P.The Famine in Kilkenny1-51958
Prendergast, EllenThe Moat of Ballyfoyle51958
McAdams, J. LeoCorbett Wilson The Pioneer Airman6-181958
Marescaux, GeoffreyBonnettstown Hall and Castle19-261958
Phelan, Margaret M.Forgotten Kilkenny school: the Feinaiglian School at Noreview27-301958
Pilsworth, W.J.Newtown Jerpoint31-351958
Prendergast, EllenBronze axehead from Annaleck Upper, civil parish of Powerstown36-371958
Prendergast, EllenSouterrain recently discovered in Kilkenny at Kildalton, Piltown38-411958
Walsh, Frank R.Castle Eve or Earlstown, Kells42-461958
Cassin, M.Here and there in St Canice's Parish: Holdensrath. Booleyshea, Cloranhee, Ballyfinnan. Bonnettstown, Grace's Cross47-541958
O'Kelly, OwenIn the footsteps of an Irish antiquary: James Scurry of Mullinavat, and the Egerton MSS01-121959
Waldron, ThomasTubbridbritain, or Patrick's Well, and Muircheartach Mac Neill13-181959
Helen RoeThe High Crosses of Western Ossory181959
Purdon, E.R.House of Mountgarret Butlers and the Warrens at Balleen Park19-221959
archivalJohn Bourke O'Flaherty of Castlefield, Tullaherin221959
Lyng, Tom P.Fertagh - parish of Johnstown23-301959
Phelan, Margaret M.Paris Anderson31-411959
Clohosey, T.J.Eighteenth century Kilkenny42-461959
Nyhan, PatrickNames of fields in Atateemore in the parish of Kilcollam, Barony of Ida, Co Kilkenny (part 1)47-481959
Waldron, ThomasTobar a' Dhroo or the Hermit's well, Clonetubrid49-521959
Healy, MaryThe Stormy Petrel of Castlecomer: Annie Kenny Laracy52-541959
Hegarty, MaureenClara Old Church and Freneystown Castle55-601959
Birch, PeterSome early schools of Kilkenny03-121960
archival documentList of subscribers to Charity School Society in Kilkenny 1793-610-121960
Kenealy, MaryMonuments in St Canice's Cathedral13-151960
newspaper report 1855Rail junction: Maryborough versus Mountrath, Kilkenny Journal 1855151960
Clohosey, T.J.St Canice of Aghaboe and Kilkenny16-201960
news cutting 1855Auxiliary workhouse at Friar's Bridge burned, Kilkenny Journal 1855201960
Smithwick, WalterThe Smithwick family21-241960
Clohosey, T.J.Father Matt Keeffe of Callan, Aghaboe, Clough (1811-1887)25-281960
Lanigan, Katherine M.Granny Castle of Piers Ruadh earl Ormonde & Margaret Fitzgerald29-311960
news cutting 1855City lamps - defective town lighting, Kilkenny Journal 1855311960
Sparks, MaySt Canice's well / Kenny's Well, Kilkenny32-371960
Stopford, NancyThe Greenes of Kilmacow38-421960
Phelan, Margaret M.High Street, East side - from the Tholsel to the Post Office43-511960
archivalMaddoxtown font51-521960
Prendergast, EllenKiln at Luffany, Co Kilkenny53-561960
Prendergast, EllenPrehistoric burial site at Slieverue, Co Kilkenny57-591960
news cutting 1906Blessed Oliver Plunkett and Kilkenny, Seven Hills Magazine, 190660-611960
Nyhan, Patrick (P. Oniathan)Names of fields in townland of Atateemore, Co Kilkenny (part 2); See also, OKR 195962-701960
Simms, John GerardKilkenny in the Jacobite War, 1689-9110-201961
O'Kelly, Owen (O Ceallaigh, Eoin)Field names in the civil parish of Derrynahinch, Ballyhale20-261961
Lanigan, Katherine M.Tomb of the Banim brothers at St John's graveyard, Maudlin St27-291961
O'Kelly, OwenOghamcraobh ar liagan291961
Walsh, PatrickThe old roads of Kilkenny30-341961
news cutting 1859Headstone of John Ryan of Thornback - in Australia, 1859, Irish Independent 17/9/1959391961
Clohosey, T.J.St John's churchyard41-471961
Maher, EdwardSt Fiacre48-561961
Phelan, Margaret M.High Street, East side - from the Post Office to Parliament Street57-641961
Grattan-Bellew, BettinaPowerstown and Aughkiletaun churches65-671961
Clohosey, T.J.John O'Donovan (1809-1869) of Atateemore, Kilkenny05-171962
Lyng, Tom P.Grinding stones or culm crushers171962
Prendergast, EllenPrehistoric grave at Jeanville, Powerstown, near Gowran18-211962
Phelan, Margaret M.Visit to Sth Kilkenny: Licketstown, Luffany, Portnascully, Piltown21-241962
archivalSt John's bridge241962
Finn, John & Claire MurphyJohn Street, North and South sides, incl Evan's Lane, Kilkenny College and the Bridge House25-391962
Phelan, Margaret M.John O'Leary, KAS President 1946-6140-421962
O Kelly, Owen (O Ceallaigh, Eoin)Sean-chill Chiaráin Naofa42-441962
Drennan, CatherinePaulstown castle - Butler, Mountgarrett, Flood families45-551962
O Kelly, Owen (O Ceallaigh, Eoin)Heburn Stream - extract from Approaches to Kilkenny by Watters551962
anon.St Francis' Abbey56-581962
St. J. Brooks, EricIrish possessions of St Thomas of Acre: Hospital of St John the Evangelist, Kilkenny [extract Proc. Royal Irish Academy 1956]59-601962
Kenealy, MaryPatrick Street, Kilkenny, East side05-131963
Walsh, Frank R.Callan 'olde' parish church14-181963
Jordan, MichaelJohn McWalter Walsh / Tatter Jack Walsh, poet and composer of
Inchacarran, Mullinavat, d. 1660
O'Kelly, Owen (O'Ceallaigh, Eoin)Bluirc Bealoidis: Leigheas ar Buiochan: Liam O Cuirc/William Quirke221963
Lanigan, Katherine M.Richard de Ledrede, bishop of Ossory23-291963
Lanigan, Katherine M.The Rothe will, 161930-341963
Prendergast, EllenAncient cemetery at Coolmore, Knocktopher - cist graves34-361963
Scanlon, J.D.Jerpoint library duplicates at the Augustinaian library in Callan361963
Clohosey, T.J.Birchfield, St Patrick's Parish, Kilkenny37-401963
O'Kelly, Owen (O'Ceallaigh, Eoin)Gleanings of local history: Knocklegan pillar stone; Outrath; Foulkstown; Ballinalina; Inchyholohan; Castleinch; Grange; Baunlusk, Churchill;Raheenduff; Kilmog40-421963
Bligh, NinSome Georgian architecture in Kilkenny43-481963
Hegarty, MaureenDr Richard Pococke, bishop - St Canice's and Lintown48-541963
archivalThe Rower - from the Irish Placenames Commission651963
Prendergast, EllenNew High Cross at Leggettsrath05-161964
O' Brien, SeanThe Butlers of Lower Grange, Viscounts Galmoy16-231964
Smithwick, PeterThe Sullivans, a notable 19th century Kilkenny family23-321964
Kenealy, MaryPatrick Street, Kilkenny (West side)33-411964
news cutting 1786Kilkenny Hunt will meet at Warrington at 8 o'clock, Finn's Leinster Journal, 4/1/1786411964
Hughes, Edward W.Graignamanagh: the Cistercian Order and the founding of Duiske42-491964
news cutting 1786Webbsborough - house to let. Finn's Leinster Journal491964
O'Kelly, Owen (O'Ceallaigh, Eoin)Focal Comhairle o'n Iar-Runai50-511964
Delaney, JamesSir William Shee - parliamentary candidate at Thomastown in 1852 and Queen's Sergeant52-571964
Grattan-Bellew, BettinaGoresbridge, Barrowmount House and the Gore family57-581964
news cuttingLicence for John Anthony's inn at Piltown581964
Walsh, PatrickKilkenny crafts and industry: wool and flax59-601964
news cutting 1786Linen bleaching service offered by Mr Shearman of St Canice's Steps, Finn's Leinster Journal 23/12/1786601964
Birthistle, DorcasAlms houses of Kilkenny61-631964
Lyng, Tom P.Three Castles64-721964
Sparks, MayHe designed the White House: James Hoban73-741964
news cutting 1786Oak bark, 40 tons for sale at Castle Blunden, Finn's Leinster Journal, 19/10/1786741964
Keane, John E. KerryThe Cromwellian siege of Kilkenny 165075-821964
Phelan, Margaret M.Ballylarkin and the Shortall family05-081965
Hegarty, MaureenClara Castle09-141965
Delaney, MichaelLand agitator jailed in Kilkenny: Fr Maher of Luggacurran15-181965
archivalThe changing face: trades mentioned in St Mary's churchyard inscriptions: parchment maker, periwig maker, cordwinder, hatter, peruke maker181965
Hurley, SeanRothe house: Tudor mansion house becomes a monument19-211965
Kenealy, MarySt Kieran Street (East side)22-311965
Lanigan, Katherine M.Ormonde Castle, Carrick-on-Suir31-371965
Walsh, PatEighteenth century Kilkenny38-441965
Gaffney, HenryTreasures of the Black Abbey, Kilkenny44-471965
Jackson, A.M. (Rev)St Canice's library is 300 years old47-481965
Prendergast, EllenCarved stone head in the care of the Nolan family of Glenbower49-521965
Drennan, CatherineGowran52-631965
Clohosey, T.J.Visit to South Kilkenny: Rathkieran, Clonmore and Fiddown64-661965
Bligh, NinKilkenny Corporation regalia: sword, maces, seal67-701965
Doyle, GerardKilkenny MSS in the British Library: Egerton 159; Egerton 163; Egerton 119; Egerton 212; Egerton 116 Egerton 149; Egerton 167 by Lucas Smyth
Of Damma, Ballycallan (see also OKR 1966)
Rae, E.C.Mensa of the 1539 tomb of Piers Rua Ormond (Peter Butler) and Mairead Ní Ghearoid (Margaret Fitzgerald) in St Canice's Cathedral21966
archival documentLetter from Edward MacLysaght to the editor re Kilkenny archives41966
Birthistle, DorcasGateways of the walls of Kilkenny05-091966
de Loughry, AnnaRose-Inn Street: its history, business associations and family links09-161966
Lyng, Tom P.Kilkenny Gaelic: Irish speakers17-251966
Quin, CosslettA specimen of Kilkenny Irish: Egerton 167 MS at the British Library 1707-1721, translations from the Classics by Lucas Smyth of Damma, Ballycallan20-251966
FitzMaurice, SallyCloghrennan, Co Carlow, and the Butlers25-351966
Lord DunboyneThe Butlers (part 1): 1150-196535-521966
Leahy, DeirdreJames Butler, second duke of Ormonde52-571966
Lyng, Tom P.Theobald Blake Butler (1888-1965)571966
Leahy, SheilaSt Canice's Cottage and the Wade family58-611966
Rae E.C.An O'Tunney masterpiece reconstituted: the James Shortall and Catherine White mensa in St Canice's cathedral62-711966
Walsh, Frank R.Edmund Ignatius Rice71-761966
Delaney, MichaelCoon evictions77-781966
news cutting 1846Kilkenny Castle: poem by 'A Broth of a Boy' 1846, Dublin University
archival documentKilkenny postmasters and post offices 1824-1961801966
Walsh, PatAs others saw us, visitors to Kilkenny - Lord Wentworth, Fynes Morrisson, Luke Gernon, Thomas Molyneux, Thomas Campbell, William Lecky, Stephen Rynne81-821966
news cuttingOpening of Tourist Office at Rothe House, Kilkenny People report83-851966
Walsh, R.A.Kyteler's Inn94-961966
Lord DunboyneThe Butlers (part 2): the Mountgarret, South Kilkenny, Carrick, Dunboyne, Cahir, Yeats, Ballintemple, Galmoy and other branches05-131967
Hegarty, MaureenRothe house official opening, April 17, 196614-20 (+ erratum, 2)1967
O'Doherty, SeanTullaroan21-251967
news cutting 180150 guineas reward - trees cut and stolen at Jenkinstown, Finn's Leinster Journal, 22/4/1801251967
Sparks, MayThe Graces of Courtstown26-281967
news cutting 1807Abbeyview, near Thomastown, to let, Kilkenny Journal, 25/3/1807281967
Murphy, ClaireThe Bryan-Bellews of Jenkinstown and Bawnmore29-391967
Hoyne, TomThe Jenkinstown bridges over the Dinin39-401967
Clohosey, T.J.The Ponsonbys and Fiddown church41-441967
archival documentHat stamps 1810441967
McAdams, J. LeoCaptain Gafney goes to war - his inventory in 168945-511967
news cutting 1865Otter hunting on the banks of the Nore in 1865511967
Walsh, PatKilkenny in the nineteenth century52-581967
news cutting 1865Otter trap invented by John Finn, smith, of Collier's Lane,1865581967
Bryan, DanDunbell59-601967
news cutting 1866Malicious damage to reaping machines at Dunbell, 1866601967
Lanigan, Katherine M.Kilmurry - the Archdeacon, Bushe, Alcock and Butler families60-741967
archival documentLetter from Richard J Whyte to John Prim re Holdenstown graves61-631967
news cutting 1805Air Remarkably Good - house and land to let at Tullabrin 1805631967
news cuttingArchbishop John Ireland of Burnchurch & USA, Kilkenny People64-681967
news cutting 1807A private still at Bow Bridge, Kilkenny Journal, 21/2/1807681967
news cutting 1807At Stud, Harley Park, Young Mocoa. Kilkenny Journal 14/3/1807741967
Hadden, GeorgeSt Mullins and St Moling75-781967
news cutting 1807Tallow marriage of John Cahill (age 72) and Miss Carthy (age 19) Kilkenny Journal, 21/2/1807811967
Le Clerc, PercyKyteler's Inn - correction to 1996 OKR article941967
news cuttingNew railway line to Abbeyleix nearly complete, 186741968
Phelan, Margaret M.High Street, Kilkenny - West side, from William Street to James's Street05-271968
Gwynn, DenisJames Stephens and the Fenian Rising27-441968
Petrie, Sir CharlesThe Rothes in Irish and French history45-531968
news cutting 1725The Swan Inn, Kilkenny available for letting, Dublin Weekly Journal
Hoyne, TomEdward Murphy (1747-1807) and Josepha Langton (d 1826) of Cadiz, via Gragara, Jenkinstown and Annaghs, New Ross54-611968
Hughes, Edward W.The Rathgeran stone - rock art in Co Carlow62-631968
news cutting 1867Pikes discovered on Shirley's land at Garrynaman, Kells in 1867661968
news cutting 1892Death of Sylvester Gaffney of Rameen, Tullaroan, "a '48 man", Kilkenny Journal, 28/5/1892671968
Sweetman, JuanitaLament for Castle Aoife (Iffe) - poem68-691968
news cuttingWatery milk supplied to the Poor Law Union at Urlingford, n.d.691968
news cutting 1867Petty concessions - horse taken at Maidenhall in 1867691968
news cutting 1867Robbery of Mr Hoban's butter at Haggard, Kells in 1867691968
news cuttingThe Kilkenny hunt, from Ballyragget to Fennor, Jenkinstown, Conahy711968
news cuttingComer woman, Mrs Walker's, sudden death, n.d.781968
news cuttingLocal improvements at Skeogh and the Slate Quarries, Ahenny, n.d.781968
Lanigan, Katherine M.Freshford doorway05-101969
Wray, KathleenMaudlin Street, Kilkenny11-141969
Buggy, MadgeNote on Three Castles cemetery15-161969
Coyle, TomInistioge district: Brownsford, the Fitzgeralds, Woodstock17-311969
Birthistle, DorcasInistioge: priory, church, tower, Black castle, village square31-471969
Gwynn, DenisRebel priest: Walter MacDonald of Mooncoin48-501969
Johnston, W.S.In search of John Rothe Fitzpiers51-601969
Phelan, Margaret M.An amateur looks at the Ossory tombs with apostolic surrounds60-751969
Mac Cárthaigh, PadraigAchadh Ur agus seadchomharta Lachtin Naomhtha - St Lachtain's reliquary found at Donoughmore, Co Cork78-801969
news cutting 1922Train raided at Ballyhale in 1922821969
Maher, JamesButlers of Kilcash83-841969
Maher, JamesJames Hoban84-851969
news cutting 1916Release of Kilkenny prisoners in 1916851969
Phelan, Margaret M.St Leger-Comerford tomb at Grove, near Grange, Co Kilkenny86-881969
news cutting 1867Recent thaw and flooding in Kilkenny 1867951969
Lanigan, Katherine M.Collection of antiquities at Rothe House Museum, 1960-1966100-1061969
Woodworth, DavidSt Canice's Library: the Cathedral Close; Manse House; Blackrath Castle,(part 1)5-101970
Gwynn, DenisStandish O'Grady11-141970
Prendergast, EllenSmithstown axe-head found near Thomastown14-161970
McCracken, EileenNotes on Kilkenny woods and nurserymen17-231970
Springfield, RoseNight ride in 1700 by Mr Wemyss of Danesfort24-271970
Holmes, William J.Excavations at Liathmore-Mochoemog (Leigh): new investigations29-311970
Glasscock, Robin E.Excavations at Liathmore-Mochoemog, Co Tipperary 1968-6931-341970
Prendergast, RichardThe faithful Norman: Maurice de Prendergast, d 120534-411970
Murphy, WilliamThe Pattern of St Molaing of Mullinakill42-441970
Kenealy, MaryThe Parade, Kilkenny44-541970
Hughes, Edward W.Ullard58-611970
Prendergast, EllenBurials at Gallowshill, Kilkenny641970
Butler, GeorgePsalter of Edmund MacRichard Butler of Polestown (1420-1464) / Book of the White Earl / Book of Pottlerath / Laud Misc. MS 61070-801970
Hegarty, MaureenJerpoint04-141971
archival documentTidy towns in 1335 - extract from Liber Primus Kilkenniensis141971
Woodworth, DavidThe Earl of Ormonde's School & St Canice's Library (part 2)15-221971
Grattan-Bellew, BettinaLoftuses of Mount Loftus23-351971
archivalRotary quern of the Egan family of Poulacapple351971
Barrow, LennoxKilkenny private banks: Loughnan's + Williams and Finn36-401971
Glasscock, Robin E.Excavations: church and round tower at Liathmore, Co Tipperary45-461971
Spencer, EdmundThree Sisters - extract from the Faerie Queene461971
Phelan, Margaret M.Clashacro: dovecote and the MacCheane family47-521971
Phelan, Margaret M.St Mary's cathedral: a personal approach4-171972
de Loughry, RichardEdmond O'Donovan18-281972
Comerford, PatrickThe Comerford family: how origins became confused29-321972
Roe, Helen M.Medieval alabaster figure of the Trinity at Black Abbey, Kilkenny33-361972
Mac Cárthaigh, PadraigIreland versus England 1170, battle at Clais an Chro / Clashacro37-411972
Dowling, DanielGlenmore brickyards, a forgotten industry42-511972
O'Carroll, JosephForgotten market house established by Buckley Butler in 1732511972
Lanigan, Katherine M.Pilgrimage to Meaux, France52-541972
Walsh, PatLinen weaving in Kilkenny in the eighteenth century56-571972
Prendergast, Ellen & Michael Fitz G. RyanExcavations in Ballyoskill townland, Attanagh parish, with two food vessels found58-591972
Kenealy, John W.Query re Sir Cornelius Gregg; reply by the Editor591972
Ryan, Michael Fitz G.Tumulus in Jerpoint West, barony of Gowran - preliminary note60-611972
archivalRedmond Reade: first Roman Catholic mayor 1836661972
Ryan, JohnRotary querns681972
Lanigan, Katherine MThe Banim brothers - a reassessment2-121973
Harbison, PeterIllustration of the lost Walsh knight from Jerpoint cloister arcade13-151973
Phelan, Margaret M.Kilree16-281973
O'Connell, John J.Castletown House, Piltown, Co Kilkenny29-331973
Harbison, PeterThree decorated wooden beams of the 13th century in Rothe House34-411973
Gillespie, MartinUppercourt Manor42-471973
Walsh, PatrickThe Walsh regiment flag48-491973
archival documentTwo 1682 letters of Nell Gwin49-501973
Tyler, GeraldThe glasshouse at Gurteens and glass developments in Ireland51-601973
news cutting 180150 guineas reward for trees cut down in Jenkinstown woods, Finn's Leinster Journal, April 1801 [see also OKR 1967, 25]601973
Fanning, ThomasExcavations at Kells Priory, Co Kilkenny, (see Corrigenda 1974)61-641973
Phelan, Margaret M.High Street, Kilkenny - the west side, addendum641973
Kealy P. & Ryan J.Souterrain at Garryvoone, Co Waterford65-671973
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