Old Kilkenny Review 1948

Cover OKR 1948, published in 1949
Sparks, MayThe Rothes of Kilkenny07-13
Murphy, ClaireKilkenny marble works at Abbey Vale, and the Colles family14-19
O'Leary, JohnUllard20-25
Pilsworth, W.J.The Merino factory on the King's river at Ennisnag, 1810-182226-31
Kenealy, MaryThe walls of Kilkenny32-38
Craig, MauriceGeorgian Architecture in Kilkenny- a tour of Bessborough, Kildalton; Castletown Cox; Desart Court39-41
Hughes, J.J.Inistioge42-47
Phelan, Margaret M.The Tholsel of Kilkenny48-55
Gibb, John S.Talbot's Inch: the families of Talbot, Lawless, Hartstronge, Desart51-55