Old Kilkenny Review 1955

Cover OKR 1955
Prendergast, EllenPre-historic cooking places in Webbsborough-Muckalee District1-10
Walsh, PatrickUpper Patrick Street notes11-15
O'Brien, SeanAncient parish of Kilmacahill16-18
Drennan, CatherineKylebeg, parish of Blanchvilles-Kill, the Church of St Nicholas19-23
Kenealy, MaryBlanchfield house and demesne: the Blanchvilles and Kearneys24-29
Gibb, John S., William J. Phelan & Jim KeoghIrishtown notes (part 1)30-35
archivalGlimpse into the past: when the vane fell from the Town Hall 188035
Clohosey, T.J.Cromwell's siege of Kilkenny36-46
news cuttingMedical school in Kilkenny - note in Fleetwood, History of Medicine47