Old Kilkenny Review 1975

Cover OKR 1975
Dolley, MichaelThe 1973 Viking-age coin-find from Dunmore Cave70-79
Conlon, PatrickSt Francis Abbey, Kilkenny - notes80-84
Bradley, JohnThe Town Wall of Kilkenny (part 1)85-103
Foley, ClairDiscovery of a portion of 13th century wall at Kilkenny Castle103
Brennan, MartinOgham Language104
McAdams, J. LeoCount Thomas J O'Loughlin105-117
news cutting 1870Ripe strawberries in Dean's garden in December, The Penny Illustrated Paper 3/12/1870117
Manning, ConlethJerpoint Cloister Fragment at Sheepstown118-119
Harbison, PeterDecorated Roof Boss found at Newpark Hotel120-123
Cashin, GeraldineThe railway comes and goes - prizewinner at KAS youth essay competition124-125
Condon, BernadetteMallardstown mill - prizewinner at KAS youth essay competition125-126
news cutting 1801Advertisement for Rothe, gunmaker, Kilkenny, in Finn's Leinster Journal 13/2/1801127