Old Kilkenny Review 1978

Cover OKR 1978
Crotty, GerardSix coats of arms at St Mary's: Rothe, Shee, Pembrooke, Cusack, Archer, Denn, Kelly, Grace306-313
Moylan, SeamusA Middle English lyric fragment in the Red Book of Ossory314-320
Phelan, Margaret M.King Richard II's two visits to Kilkenny (1395 & 1399)321-331
Kenealy, MaryFinn's Leinster Journal332-348
archivalSimon Foot of Knocktopher - Graveyard Inscription from Co Wicklow, 1885348
Walton, Julian C.Richard Canon Aylward (1872-1954)349-351
Phelan, Margaret M.Two Butler monuments in Old St Mary's [plus OKR 1979, 71]352-355
archivalRobert Tottenham of Annamult - Graveyard Inscription from Co Wicklow 1858355
Marescaux, GeoffreySwifte's Heath356-362
news cutting 1826Private education [Robert Shaw of Kilkenny], Dublin Evening Mail 14/6/1826362