Old Kilkenny Review 1979

Hegarty, MaureenDavid Rothe (c1570-1650)4-21
Kenealy, MaryThomas MacDonagh in Kilkenny (1878-1916)22-23
Phelan, Margaret M.William Street, Kilkenny24-35
Crotty, GerardThe Arms of Ragget36-37
Buggy, MadgeMemorials of the Dead, St Mary's, Kilkenny (part 1, A-B)38-44
Grattan-Bellew, BettinaChurches of Powerstown, Grange Sylvae and Goresbridge45-47
O'Brien, SeamusCallan Electricity Board48-49
Brennan, JohnFoulksrath and its associations50-60
de Loughry, AnnaInteresting find at Rothe House 1978 [a 'time capsule' from 1899]60
Flannery, MargaretCharles Joseph Kickham (1828-1882)61-63
Gabbett, MoiraKilmoganny, incl Rossenarra and the Reades64-74
Phelan, Margaret M.Butler information [plus OKR 1978, 352-5]71
O'Doherty, SeanSheela-na-gig at Cooliagh72-74