Old Kilkenny Review 2008

okr cover 2008
Laidlaw, GraemeThe Ballykeoghan burnt mount near Mullinavat7-15
McCarthy, JohnTwo castles at Coolhill and Clogaralt, The Rower, in Co Kilkenny16-33
Ó Drisceoil, CóilínThe Rothe family garden rediscovered: an interim report on the 2007 archaeological excavation project34-47
McQuillan, RóisínThe Rothe House family garden48-53
Bradley, JohnA lease of 1573 relating to the Corpus Christi plays in Kilkenny54-69
Bergin, DenisIn search of James: celebrating the 250th anniversary of the birth of James Hoban of Cuffesgrange, architect and builder of the White House70-77
Popper, Deborah E.Notable precursor – Christopher Colles & the mapping of America78-88
Lane, PádraigThe IRB, Labour and Parnell, the Kilkenny factor: the role of P.J O'Keeffe and the Workman's Club in the early 1890s89-93
O'Dwyer, MichaelThe Ormonde Mills throughout the centuries94-103
Halpin, Thomas B.The Sweetman family of Castle Eve, brewers104-106
Grace, Pierce A.Carbuncles, ulcers and pustules'– the Black Death in Ireland 1348-49107-112
Hughes, UnaNineteenth century Kilkenny, a healthy place? Part 2: Workhouse Hospital, Lock hospital, Mental hospital, town cleanliness113-135
Law, Edward J.Early dentists in Kilkenny125-129
McEvoy, FrancisThe Metal Man of Danesfort130-138
Joyce, JohnDuiske Abbey cemetery, its Mass house and school139-143
Law, Edward J.A question answered: J G Robertson of Rose Hill144-145