Old Kilkenny Review 2011

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Laidlaw, GraemeA Medieval smithy in South Kilkenny at Ballykillaboy, Mullinavat7-16
Hyland, RichardVanishing tower: Drakeland castle, a tower house in the Liberties of the City of Kilkenny16-29
Law, Edward J.An eighteenth-century Graiguenamanagh gauger's stockbook: James Cavanagh, Excise Officer of Graiguenmanagh, [see OKR 2012]30-40
Law, Edward J.The battle of Newmarket, 176441-44
Law, Edward J.Vallancey's military surveys of 1776-1777 & 1796 as relating to county Kilkenny and its immediate environs45-57
Grace, Pierce A.Much like yesterday': Callan folklore in the 19th & 20th centuries58-63
Geber, JonnyOsteoarchaeological and archaeological insights into the deaths and intramural mass burials at the Kilkenny Union Workhouse 1847-51 during the Great Famine64-75
Clark, James H.Incident of hypnotism in 1860s Kilkenny76-78
O'Dwyer, MichaelEdward O'Shea, sculptor and mayor of Kilkenny79-85
Lalor, JamesRemembering Kilkenny's part in the Independence Movement of 1913-21: an extract from Lalor's Witness Statement86-93
Hegarty, MaureenKilkenny encounters Rome, a KAS trip to Rome94-99
Tierney, AnnA decade of writing county Kilkenny's history: a bibliography100-119