History talks on Community Radio Kilkenny City

A group of volunteers, all members of KAS, present talks about local history on KCR on Sundays. The topics are as diverse as the people choosing and presenting them. The texts are researched by the presenters themselves, often using KAS’s library at Rothe House. Any member of KAS is invited to prepare and present a talk on a chosen topic.

Members of the group in July 2020, now working with KCR station

KAS Rosemary Barnes
Rosemary Barnes (C) Pat Shortall
Anne-Karoline Distel Ned Kennedy

KAS Eamonn Kiely
Eamonn Kiely
© Pat Shortall
Finnoula Lynch

KAS Jack Lynch
Jack Lynch
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KAS Nicholas Maher
Nicholas Maher
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KAS Paddy Neary
Paddy Neary
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KAS Pat Shortall
Pat Shortall

Researcher/ Speaker Title Summary
Michael Brennan Ballyfoyle History Michael talks about the history of Ballyfoyle and introduces his book published inthe Summer of 2020.
David deLoughry The Butts (2020)
Anne-Karoline Distel Turlough O’Carolan Anne gives a musical overview of the great Irish composer’s life (2018).
Anne-Karoline Distel Benchmarks in Kilkenny Anne takes you on a walk through Kilkenny pointing out the Ordnance Survey benchmarks along the way. (2020)
Anne-Karoline Distel Fashion in 16th century Ireland Anne features some aspects of Irish fashion and laws about it in 16th century Ireland. (2020).
Anne-Karoline Distel Tudor Herbs Discover the use of some Tudor herbs grown in the Rothe family’s garden (2020).
Anne-Karoline Distel Tudor Trees Learn about some of the trees the Rothe family grew in their garden (2020).
Rosemary Barnes Kilkenny Horticultural Society Rosemary reminds the listener of the history of the Horticultural Society in Kilkenny (2019).
Rosemary Barnes Lock Up Your Daughters Kilkenny streetscape and population were featured in the 1969 movie (2019).
Rosemary Barnes The Long March (2018)
Rosemary Barnes A Snapshot of Underwear Rosemary lets us take a peak into underwear fashion through the years (2019).
Rosemary Barnes Mildred Ann Butler Rosemary paints a picture of the life of Thomastown’s watercolour wildlife artists. (2019)
Rosemary Barnes Ireland Joins the EEC (2020)
Rosemary Barnes John Lavery and his Paintings in Rothe House Rosemary introduces us to the famous portrait artist (2020).
Ned Kennedy Freshford, part 1 and part 2 Local historian Ned Kennedy talks about the early history of Freshford and surroundings (2020).
Ned Kennedy Dick of the Church Ned explains the tradition of nicknames in Tullaroan and recounts the life of Dick of the Church (Walshe) (2020).
Ned Kennedy Kilkenny born playright Michael Egan (2020)
Eamonn Kiely The Great Duke of Ormonde (2019)
Eamonn Kiely The Irish Flag Eamonn tells us about the history of the Irish bannerette (2018).
Eamonn Kiely Amhlaoibh Ó Suilleabhain or Humphrey O’Sullivan diarist Eamonn talks about the jack of all trades: linen draper, a politician, diarist and a hedge school master Humphrey O’Sullivan.
Eamonn Kiely George Berkeley (1685 – 1753) Berkeley, one of the most influential philosophers and probably most famous Kilkenny man was born born at Dysart Castle near Thomastown.
Eamonn Kiely James Hoban architect of the White House Washington Follow James Hoban on his journey from Kilkenny to Washington.
Eamonn Kiely The Red Book of Ormonde Discover the history of this 14th century Latin manuscript and the roles Rev James Graves and Lady Ormonde played in its restoration.
Eamonn Kiely Liber primus Kilkenniensis Eamonn sheds light on the significance of the First Book of Kilkenny (2019).
Eamonn Kiely Standish O’Grady and the fight of the Earls
Eamonn Kiely Dan Donnelly and the Kilkenny Connection Hear about the first Irish-born heavyweight champion.
Eamonn Kiely Colonel Dan Bryan – Ireland’s Great Intelligence Chief (2018)
Eamonn Kiely The Hackett Family of Patrick Street: Part 1 & Part 2 (2019)
Eamonn Kiely The Battle of Clais an Chro 1170 AD Eamonn sheds light on the battle that took place near today’s Freshford in the late 12th century. (2019)
Eamonn Kiely Henri Clarke of Lisdowney extraction – Marshal of France Who knew such an important man came from small Lisdowney near Ballyragget? (2019)
Eamonn Kiely Standish O’Grady One Time Editor of the Moderator Eamonn digs deeper into the life of Moderator editor Standish O’Grady and his relationship with the Cuffe family. (2020)
Eamonn Kiely Shortalls, Graces and the Wild Geese Eamonn tells the story of the Grace and Shortall families in Kilkenny (2020).
Eamon Kiely The Winslow Boy (2022)
Finnoula Lynch The Brave Men of  Carrickshock Finnoula reminds us of the story of the battle of Carrickshock.
Jack Lynch Drink & The Irish Jack talks about the culture of alcohol consumption and the temperance movement in Ireland.
Jack Lynch Knockroe Passage Tomb Just before the winter solstice 2019, Jack shed some light on the Passage Tomb in Knockroe and its significance. (2019)
John Lynch Martin Loughlin (1833 to 1894)
John Lynch William Hague (1836 to 1899)  John features the architect of St. John’s Church, William Hague.
John Lynch James Stephens of Kilkenny
Jack Lynch Summer Solstice and Johnswell Jack enlightens us about the celebrations around St. John’s Day (23rd of June) and how it was celebrated through time. (2020)
Nicholas Maher Dr. Robert Cane 1&2 Learn about Dr. Robert Cane, medical doctor, nationalist, historian, writer, politician and antiquarian.
Nicholas Maher William F. Roe Nickie sheds light on the live of the Kilkenny man who brought rural electrification to Ireland (2019).
Nicholas Maher The Hawthorn Nicholas talks about the Raggedy Bush and the significance of the Hawthorne in Celtic culture.
Nicholas Maher Jean Vanier – L’Arche and the Kilkenny Connection Nicholas remembers Jean Vanier, founder of the L’Arche community and its beginnings in Kilkenny.
Nicholas Maher Fostering and Adoption in Ireland and Living at Maiden Hall Nicholas looks at the history of fostering and adoption and especially the case of Wicked Little Joe (2020).
Paddy Neary 1903 St. Patrick’s Day Paddy takes us back in time to the first St. Patrick’s Parade in Kilkenny (2018).
Paddy Neary Kilkenny Pastimes: Archery, Tennis, Bowling
Bull Baiting
Cock Fighting
Playing Cards and Dice
Religious Plays
How did Kilkenny People have the craic in times gone by? Paddy explains (2018).
Paddy Neary Donal McAuley Part 1 & 2 Emigration to England is the topic of this talk, using Donal McAuley’s autobiography as a source.
Paddy Neary The Banim Bros & Windgap Cottage Paddy tells the story of the literary Brothers Banim and their relation to Kilkenny.
Paddy Neary The Capuchin Friars of Friary St Paddy sheds light on the history of the Capuchin Friary and the Capuchin order.
Paddy Neary Fr. Albert Bibby From Bagenalstown to Santa Inez – Paddy takes us on the life journey of Fr. Albert Bibby.
Paddy Neary Fr. Patrick Delahunty Paddy continues his series of talks about Capuchin friars with Fr. Patrick from Aglish, Mooncoin.
Paddy Neary Bishop Richard Pococke (2019)
Paddy Neary Archbishop John Ireland (2019)
Paddy Neary Bishop Hendricken (2019)
Paddy Neary The Dunmore Hoard In 1999, a silver hoard was discovered in the Dunmore Caves. Paddy sheds some light unto this treasure held in the National Museum in Dublin.
Paddy Neary Thomas Moore Hear Paddy talk about Thomas Moore, who set out to study law, but became one of Ireland’s most famous poets.
Paddy Neary Windgap Hill Audio recording of a walk with the Saturday morning walking group (2015).
Paddy Neary The Kilkenny Museum Paddy talks about the predecessors of the Medieval Mile Museum and Rothe House Museum, highlighting the role of the Kilkenny Archaeological Society.
Paddy Neary John Cullen Lord of the Loc Paddy takes the listener to court, telling the story of the alleged town fool John Cullen
Paddy Neary Edmund Ignatius Rice Learn about Eamonn Rice and his journey from hedge school attendée to co-founder of the Christian Brothers schools.
Paddy Neary Prince & Dooley of Walkin Street Paddy recalls a friendship between a Protestant and a Catholic on 1798’s Walkin Street.
Paddy Neary Walkin Street Paddy takes the listener on a historical trip along Walkin Street/ Friary Street.
Paddy Neary Reputed Holy Wells Of the City of Kilkenny Paddy points out location and history of the (holy) wells in Kilkenny.
Paddy Neary Patrick Francis Moran (2019)
Paddy Neary The Ten Civic Families of Kilkenny Paddy introduces us to the ten civic families that ruled Kilkenny from the 14th century until the 17th century (2019).
Paddy Neary Kilkenny Convict turned Hero Paddy relates the story of a man who saved lives at Kilkenny Gaol in the late 19th century (2019).
Paddy Neary Archbishop Rinuccini, Papal Nuncio and the Confederation of Kilkenny Paddy reminds us of the person that has a road and a restaurant named after them in Kilkenny and why. (2020)
Paddy Neary A Short History of Gowran Paddy freshens up our knowledge about the town of Gowran and its history. (2020)
Paddy Neary Kilkenny and the Spanish Flu Paddy reminds us how the Spanish Flu affected life in Kilkenny in 1918 (two parts). (2020)
Paddy Neary Some Irish Surnames and Their Meaning Learn about the history and meaning of names like Murphy and Finnegan (2020).