Dictionary of Irish Biography spinesA list of the Kilkenny people included in the Dictionary of Irish Biography (James McGuire & James Quinn (eds), Dictionary of Irish Biography, 9 vols, Royal Irish Academy, 2009 ). The nine volumes of the Dictionary are held in the KAS library at Rothe House.
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Agar, Charles (1735-1809), 1st earl of Normanton and Church of Ireland archbishop
Archdekin (Ardsdekin, MacGiolla Cuddy), Richard (1619-93), Jesuit priest and scholar
Archer, James (1550-1620), Jesuit priest and administrator.  
Archer, James (c.1632-c.1680), military engineer and architect
Aylward, Richard (1872-1954), Celticist, priest, and professor of Irish
Banim, John (1798-1842), artist, novelist, playwright, and poet  
Banim, Michael (1796-1874), novelist (found in Banim, John (1798-1842)
Berkeley, George (1685-1753), philosopher and Church of Ireland bishop of Cloyne  
Birch, Peter (1911-81), catholic bishop of Ossory
Boran, Nicholas (Nixie) (1903-72), trade unionist
Bourke, Francis Stephen (‘Freddie’) (1895-1959), medical doctor and bibliographer
Brenan, John (c.1625-1693), catholic archbishop of Cashel
Brenan, Martin (1901-82), priest and academic
Brennan, Garrett (Gerald Brennan/O'Brennan; Gearóid Ó Braonáin/ Ó Breanáin) (1894-1974), revolutionary and garda
Brown, George (1906-37), communist and trade unionist
Bryan, Daniel (‘Dan’) (1900-85), soldier and intelligence officer  
Buggy, Kevin Thomas (Kieran) (1817-43), journalist and repealer
Bushe, Charles Kendal (1767-1843), lawyer, judge, MP, and political writer
Bushe, Letitia (c.1710-1757), watercolourist and miniature painter
Butler, Christopher (1673-1757), Roman Catholic archbishop of Cashel
Butler, Edward (1824?-1879), editor, barrister, and politician
Butler, Hubert Marshall (1900-91), essayist and antiquarian
Butler, James Wandesford (1774-1838), 19th earl and 1st marquess of Ormonde, politician and landowner
Butler, Marie Joseph (Johanna) (1860-1940), mother general
Butler, Mary Joseph (1641-1723), Benedictine abbess, was born in Callan, Co. Kilkenny
Butler, Mildred Anne (1858-1941), animal and genre painter, was born 11 January 1858
Butler, Thomas (1634-80), earl of Ossory, lord deputy of Ireland
Cahill, Mabel Esmonde (1863-c.1905), tennis champion
Cane, Robert (1807-58), nationalist, physician, and historian  
Caron (Mac Carraghamhna), Richard (Ricardo de la Peña) (1579-c.1630), Dominican priest
Carrigan, William (1860-1924), catholic priest and historian
Casey, Joseph Theobald (1846-c.1907), Fenian
Casey, Patrick (1843-1908), Fenian
Colles, Abraham (1773-1843), surgeon.
Colles, William (1702-70), inventor and entrepreneur
Comerford, John (c.1770-1832), miniaturist and portrait painter
Coogan, Edward (Eamonn, ‘Ned’) (1896-1948), deputy Garda commissioner, barrister, and politician
Crotty, Raymond Dominick (1925-94), economist, radical, author, and opponent of European integration
Delany, Maureen (c.1888-1961), actress
Denieffe, Joseph (1833-1910), Fenian
Donovan, Michael (1790-1876), chemist and pharmacist
Dowling, Margaret (Sister Mary Dominic) (1853-1900), Dominican Sister and foundress
Downey, Richard Joseph (1881-1953), catholic archbishop of Liverpool
Doyle, Charles William (1770-1842), general
Doyle, Edmond (1884-1971), found in Doyle, Richard (‘Dick’) (1886-1959)
Doyle, Michael (1887-1970), found in Doyle, Richard (‘Dick’) (1886-1959)
Doyle, Richard (‘Dick’) (1886-1959), hurler
Ellison, William Frederick Archdall (1864-1936), clergyman and astronomer

Flood, Frederick (1741-1824), politician, was born in Co. Kilkenny
Flood, Warden (1694-1764), lawyer and politician
Freney, James (c.1719-1788), robber.

Gaffney, Henry Michael (1895-1974), Dominican priest and writer
Geary, Francis (‘Frank’) Joseph (1891-1961), journalist and newspaper editor
Gibbons, James M. (‘Jim’) (1924-97), government minister
Gilmartin, John Joe (‘Gil’) (1914-80), handball player
Grace, John (‘Jack’) (1884-1915), Gaelic footballer and hurler
Graves, James (1815-86), clergyman, archaeologist, and historian
Gregg, Cornelius Joseph (‘Con’) (1888-1959), civil servant
Grierson (Crawley), Constantia (c.1705-1732), editor, scholar, and one of Swift's female literary circle.

Hackett, Francis (1883-1962), novelist, historian, and journalist
Harty, William (1781-1854), physician and medical writer
Helsham, Richard (c.1682-1738), doctor and physicist
Herbert, Dorothea (c.1770-1829), author
Hoban, James (c.1762-1831), architect.   1 2

Johnstone, John Henry (1749-1828), actor and singer

Kavanagh, Harriet Margaret (1800-85), artist, traveller, and antiquarian
Kearney, John (1741-1813), provost of TCD and bishop of Ossory
Keeffe (O'Keeffe), Matthew (1811-87), catholic priest and agrarian agitator
Keeffe (O'Keeffe), Robert (‘Bob’) (1880-1949), hurler and GAA administrator
Kelly, Matthew (1814-58), catholic priest and church historian
Kelly, Oisín (1915-81), sculptor
King, Paul (David) (c.1610-1655), Franciscan friar
Lalor, Mother Teresa (Alice) (c.1769-1846), foundress of the Visitation nuns in the USA
Langrishe, Richard (1834-1922), architect and engineer
Langton, Jimmy (1918-87), hurler
Lanigan, James (c.1747-1812), catholic bishop
Lanigan, Paddy (‘Icey’) (1880-1945), hurler
Lavery, John (1856-1941), portrait painter
Lyster, Thomas William (1855-1922), librarian and author
MacDonald, Walter (1854-1920), catholic priest and theologian
McGough, Joseph Christopher (Joe) (1919-2003), army officer, barrister and businessman
Mackey, Patrick J. (‘Paddy’) (c.1889-1948), Gaelic footballer and hurler
MacManus, Patrick Francis (‘Frank’) (1909-65), writer and broadcaster
Meagher, Lorenzo (‘Lory’) (1899-1973), hurler
Morris, William O'Connor (1824-1904), judge and historian
Murphy, Paul Aloysius (1887-1938), plant pathologist
Nowlan, James (1854?-1924), sports official, nationalist, and politician
Nugent, John (1806-99), inspector of lunacy
O'Connor, Mary (Sister Mary Agnes) (1815-59), Sister of Mercy, foundress, and social worker
O'Donnell, Nicholas (‘Nick’) (1925-88), hurler
O'Donovan (Ó Donnabháin), John (Seán) (1806-61), Irish scholar
O'Keeffe, Robert (1814-81), catholic priest and educationist
O'Mahoney, Katharine Aloysia O'Keeffe (1851-1908) editor, educator, and writer
O'Malley, Tony (Anthony) (1913-2003), painter
O'Neill, James (1845-1920), actor
O'Shea, Thomas (1813-87), catholic priest and agrarian agitator
Ó Súilleabháin, Amhlaoibh (O'Sullivan, Humphrey) (1783-1838), diarist, seanchaí (storyteller), schoolteacher, and draper  
Pack, Denis (1775-1823), British army general
Parry, Benjamin (1634-1678), bishop of Ossory
Phelan, Anastasia (Mary Gerard) (1872-1960), religious superior and educator
Phelan (O'Phelan), James (c.1621-1695), catholic bishop of Ossory
Phelan, Margaret Mary (‘Daisy’) (1902-2000), local historian
Prim, John George Augustus (1821-75), antiquary and journalist
Purcell, Mary (1906-91), teacher, religious biographer, and archivist
Purcell, Patrick (Puirséal, Pádraig) (1914-79), sports journalist and novelist
Purcell, Pierce Francis (1881-1968), civil engineer, peat fuel pioneer, and university professor
Rice, Edmund Ignatius (1766-1844), religious and educator
Rochford, John (‘Jack’) (1882-1953), hurler
Rothe, David (1573-1650), bishop of Ossory and historian
Rothe (Roth, Root), Michael (1661/5-1741), general in the French service and Jacobite
Sheil, Richard Lalor (1791-1851), playwright and politician
Stephens, James (1825-1901), nationalist and co-founder of the Fenian movement. 1 2
Stephens, William Henry (‘Bill’) (1913-2001), aeronautical engineer and civil servant
St Leger, William (1599-1665), Jesuit
Tighe, Mary (1772-1810), poet
Torrance, George William (1835-1907), clergyman and composer
Vesey, Elizabeth (c.1715-1791), literary hostess
Vignoles, Charles Augustus (1789-1877), clergyman and antiquary
Walsh, John (1830-98), archbishop of Toronto
Walsh, Nicholas (Nicolás Bhailis) (1538?-1585), Church of Ireland bishop of Ossory
Walsh, Oliver (‘Ollie’) , (1937-96), hurler
Walsh, Richard (‘Droog’) (1877-1958), hurler
Walsh, Thomas (1901-56), politician and farmer
Walton, Martin (1901-81), musician, musical entrepreneur, and republican
Walton, Simon Francis (‘Sim’) (1880-1966), hurler
White, John Davis (1820-93), publisher and antiquary
Williams, Griffith (c.1589-1672), Church of Ireland bishop of Ossory
Wills, James (1790-1868), clergyman and author
Wills, William Gorman (1828-91), playwright and painter