The Winslow Boy

researched and read by Eamon Kiely The events dramatised by Terence Rattigan in his play “The Winslow Boy” are based on the true story of the ordeal of a 13 […]

Dick of the Church

Ned Kennedy 2020 It doesn’t fall to many people in a generation to be recognised by a short version of their name or a nickname. Internationally, the names JFK and […]

Ballyfoyle History

Michael Brennan 2020 In Summer 2020, Michael Brennan published a book about Ballyfoyle, its history and topology. Here, he is talking about Ballyfoyle and his book to Pat Shortall.

Tudor Trees

Learn about some of the Tudor trees growing in Rothe House garden in Kilkenny.

Tudor Herbs

Anne-Karoline Distel (2020) My name is Anne-Karoline Distel and today, I’m going to tell you a few things about three Tudor garden plants. If you have ever visited Rothe House […]

A Short History of Gowran

Paddy Neary (2020) This locality was selected for a residence by one of the ancient Kings of Ossory and was long continued by his successors long before the Anglo Norman […]

The Brave Men of Carrickshock

Finnoula Lynch (2020) A High Cross monument sits aloft a boreen, on eastern slopes, looking down upon the M9 motorway between the townlands of Carrickshock and Rockhall. Sculptured with an […]