Cromwell in Callan

Cromwell In Callan Peter McQuillan When Oliver Cromwell came to Callan in 1650 the town was quite a large place, as Joe Kennedy, Hon. Secretary of Callan Heritage, points out in the ‘Old Kilkenny Review, 1984.’ It was one of the principal towns of the Ormond domain, a walled town with 8 castles, with its […]

Elizabeth Butler

Elizabeth Butler, Duchess Of Ormond Ann Tierney (2013) The year was 1652. Because he had confiscated her husband’s lands, Elizabeth boarded a ship and went to see Cromwell. She told him that the house and lands in Dunmore, just north of Kilkenny city, belonged to her in her own right. Cromwell was persuaded and agreed […]

Grace’s Card

Grace’s Card Eamonn Kiely Kilkenny has produced a number of distinguished military families such as the Rothes, Butlers and Shortalls. However, none are more celebrated than the Graces. They came from a place called Courtown modern day Tullaroan – in those days known as Grace’s country. They were Old English by the time of the […]

The Market Cross in Kilkenny

Peter McQuillan Hello, I’m Peter McQuillan. The Market Cross of Kilkenny If you mention the Market Cross in Kilkenny nowadays, most people will take it as a reference to a shopping centre. But for over 400 years, the city had a real market cross, and it was a very important and imposing monument indeed in […]