Break Up Of Robber Gang

The breaking-up of a robber gang Edward Law (2015) Early in May, 1749, some 260 years ago, the Earl of Carrick of Ballylinch, near Thomastown received information that Bolger the robber, was hidden in a house at Killaghy in Grace’s Country, some miles west of Kilkenny city. James Bolger, a member of a notorious gang […]

The Canal Walk

The Canal Walk Edward J Law (2015) It is surmised that the Canal Walk came into being about 1763. The canal was in existence five years before that, being shown on Rocque’s map of 1758. At that time there was a lane alongside the canal and river, from the Castle Mills to the Castle, but […]

Charitable Loan Societies Kilkenny

Charitable Loan Societies In County Kilkenny Edward J Law (2015) In the eighteenth century, before the advent of a regulated banking system, borrowing money was a difficult undertaking for all but those with good security. Individuals on the lowest rung of the trading ladder found it difficult to advance without a modicum of trading capital. […]

David Shelleman

David Shelleman Edward J Law (2013) The name David Shelleman does not figure large in Kilkenny history. He was one of the multitude of ‘ordinary’ citizens who have left little or no mark, just a part of city life in the eighteenth century. He comes to notice through references in Finn’s Leinster Journal newspaper over […]

Freney the Robber

Freney The Robber Peter McQuillan (11th May, 2012) Imagine the early 18th century in Ireland – 100 years before the first railways – travel was dependent on horse back or horse-drawn vehicle. The roads were unsafe. Every county had its highwaymen, outlaws, raparees, and, over the years, in many cases, the line between Robin Hood […]

John Carr

John Carr Ann Tierney (2014) This is the story of a young man whose life ended in London in the year 1750 when he was sentenced to death by hanging. The young man’s story started in Kilkenny, though he wasn’t born there. His name was John Carr and, on his very first visit to the […]

The Market Cross in Kilkenny

Peter McQuillan Hello, I’m Peter McQuillan. The Market Cross of Kilkenny If you mention the Market Cross in Kilkenny nowadays, most people will take it as a reference to a shopping centre. But for over 400 years, the city had a real market cross, and it was a very important and imposing monument indeed in […]