The Canal Walk

The Canal Walk Edward J Law (2015) It is surmised that the Canal Walk came into being about 1763. The canal was in existence five years before that, being shown on Rocque’s map of 1758. At that time there was a lane alongside the canal and river, from the Castle Mills to the Castle, but […]

Captain James Arnold Smithwick

Captain James Arnold Smithwick of Kilkenny Ken Kinsella Very few families in Kilkenny remained unaffected by the Great War and the parallel struggle for Irish independence in the period 1914 to 1922. Captain James Arnold Smithwick, born in 1881, was the elder surviving son of Francis and Marion Smithwick, a highly respected Kilkenny merchant family. […]

Charitable Loan Societies Kilkenny

Charitable Loan Societies In County Kilkenny Edward J Law (2015) In the eighteenth century, before the advent of a regulated banking system, borrowing money was a difficult undertaking for all but those with good security. Individuals on the lowest rung of the trading ladder found it difficult to advance without a modicum of trading capital. […]

An Emigration Scheme For Kilkenny Weavers

An Emigration Scheme For Kilkenny Weavers Edward J Law (2013) There was a policy of assisted emigration from Ireland for half a century between 1828 and 1878 in efforts to relieve distress at home and to create a better future. Mass emigration began about 1835, and between 1841 and 1844 the numbers leaving the country […]

First Kilkenny Baths

The First Kilkenny Baths Edward J Law (2013) The first purpose built baths in the city of Kilkenny were not the leisure, entertainment or sports facilities which we would recognise at the present day, they were not swimming baths. Those who looked for entertainment in the water would have made for the river, as some […]