Lock Up Your Daughters

Written and read by Rosemary Barnes (2019) 1968, In the year of the Prague Spring, International student insurrection and the assassination of Martin Luther King, the Kilkenny People announced that “Hollywood comes to Kilkenny” because a colourful one million pound film begins, “soldiers on horseback, periwigged gentlemen, footmen, ladies in long flowing gowns with bustles, […]

Kilkenny Pastimes: Religious Plays

Written and read by Paddy Neary (2018) These religious or mystery plays originated in the wish of the clergy to substitute for the profane games with which the people were amused. The plays whilst giving entertainment they would also inculcate a moral lesson to the people. They were at first performed in churches and by […]

The Hole in the Wall

The Hole in the Wall Edward J. Law (2013) At the end of the 18th century a small tavern in Kilkenny city was at the centre of the city’s night life. The premises no doubt seemed as small to its clientelle then as they do at the present day. The little tavern was the Hole […]

Kilkenny’s Victorian Athenaeum

Kilkenny’s SECOND Athenaeum Edward J Law (2012) The original Athenaeum on the Parade, Kilkenny was the home of noted theatricals in the first two decades of the 19th century, but then met a sharp decline in its fortunes. By 1824 it was described as a hay-store. In 1837 it had an airing, literally, being advertised […]