The Banim Brothers and Windgap Cottage

Paddy Neary The writers Michael and John Banim were born in Kilkenny city, Michael was born on the 5th August 1796, while John was born on the 1st April 1798. During their lifetimes the brothers collaborated in many published works (twenty-four in total), mainly about life in Kilkenny and its characters under the Collective title “Tales by […]

Fr. Albert Bibby

Paddy Neary Thomas Bibby was born on the 24th October 1877, in Bagenalstown Co. Carlow. His family were proprietors of a woollen mill at Greensbridge, and operated two drapery businesses in Kilkenny City. One in Parliament street opposite the Watergate Theatre, the second in High Street nowadays the Enable Ireland shop located at the lane […]

John Cullen Lord of the Lough

John Cullen Lord of the Lough John Cullen was one of the characters who lived in the Walkin Street area, and was said to have been fairly well educated. His parents were of a comfortable position in life. In a drunken fit he enlisted in the local regiment of the Army, and some years later […]

Dr. Robert Cane Parts 1&2

Nicholas Maher Few Kilkenny people have left such an extraordinary and distinguished impact on Kilkenny society as did Dr Robert Cane in the first half of the 19th century. We do not have any roads or bridges named after this remarkable man who in a relatively short life of 52 years was highly influential as […]

George Berkeley (1685 – 1753)

Eamonn Kiely It is likely that George Berkeley is the best known Kilkennyman ever. None other that I am aware of, has had a city called after him. Accepted among the top ten philosophers ever he was born at Dysart Castle near Thomastown. At ten years of age in 1695 he is in Kilkenny College, […]

Kilkenny Christmas Custom

A Christmas custom of old Kilkenny Edward J Law (2013) The Kilkenny historian John Prim noted the continuation of the practice of calling the Christmas waits in 1853, but the custom appears to have ceased shortly after that. It ended with the death in December 1856 of John Burke, who had been an umbrella maker […]

Graveyard Enquiry

The Graveyard Enquiry Patrick Neary The Kilkenny Journal edition of Dec 7th 1907 reported on a sworn inquiry ordered by the Local Government Board and held in the Council Chambers by the Surgeon Colonel Edgar Flinn to inquire into the condition of the City Graveyards within the Borough of Kilkenny. The Inspector stated that all […]

James Stephens

James Stephens Peter McQuillan James Stephens was born in Blackmill Street in Kilkenny City in 1824. He was a civil engineer by profession. He was only 24 when the failure of William Smith O’Brien’s attempted insurrection in 1848 cut short his professional career. He went on the run and escaped to France, where he remained […]

James Street