Standish O’Grady and the fight of the Earls

Eamonn Kiely Otway Cuffe became 6th Earl of Desart in 1898. He with his sister-in-law Lady Desart did prodigies for Kilkenny as outlined in some detail by my friend Paddy Neary in recent talks. He was a great friend of Standish O’Grady the new Editor of the Kilkenny Moderator. This was a Unionist and Protestant […]

Lady Desart and Kilkenny

LADY DESART AND KILKENNY Padddy Neary Miss Ellen Bischoffsheim was the eldest daughter of a London Jewish banker and her marriage to William, the fourth Earl of Desart on the 27th April 1881 was the notable event of the London season. It was rumoured the bride brought a dowry of £150,000 with her with a […]

Lady Desart’s Legacy 1

Lady Desart and her Legacy to Kilkenny – Part 1 Paddy Neary After William, the 4th Earl of Desart died in 1898 his widow Lady Ellen remained in residence at Desart Court, so Captain Otway Cuffe came to live at Sheestown House. He was not long in establishing links with the local people, farmers and townsfolk. […]

Lady Desart’s Legacy 2

Lady Desart and Her Legacy – Part 2 Paddy Neary Three acres were set aside at Talbots Inch in 1903 for experimental cultivation of a tobacco crop, a curing barn was installed and a government inspector appointed to advise on the enterprise. The first crop valued at £1000 was lost due to a fire in […]

The Kilkenny Woodworkers

THE KILKENNY WOODWORKERS PADDY NEARY In April 1905 a public meeting was held at the Tholsel for the presentation of prizes to successful pupils from the new Technical School. After the ceremony the School Principal, Mr George T Phillips, congratulated the pupils on the high standards achieved. He went on to make special mention of […]