Standish O’Grady and the fight of the Earls

Eamonn Kiely Otway Cuffe became 6th Earl of Desart in 1898. He with his sister-in-law Lady Desart did prodigies for Kilkenny as outlined in some detail by my friend Paddy […]

Lady Desart and Kilkenny

LADY DESART AND KILKENNY Padddy Neary Miss Ellen Bischoffsheim was the eldest daughter of a London Jewish banker and her marriage to William, the fourth Earl of Desart on the […]

Lady Desart’s Legacy 1

Lady Desart and her Legacy to Kilkenny – Part 1 Paddy Neary After William, the 4th Earl of Desart died in 1898 his widow Lady Ellen remained in residence at […]

Lady Desart’s Legacy 2

Lady Desart and Her Legacy – Part 2 Paddy Neary Three acres were set aside at Talbots Inch in 1903 for experimental cultivation of a tobacco crop, a curing barn […]

The Kilkenny Woodworkers

THE KILKENNY WOODWORKERS PADDY NEARY In April 1905 a public meeting was held at the Tholsel for the presentation of prizes to successful pupils from the new Technical School. After […]