Archbishop Rinuccini, Papal Nuncio and the Confederation of Kilkenny

Paddy Neary (2020) The Supreme Council of the Kilkenny Confederation petitioned his Holiness Pope Innocent X for help in their struggle, and he decided to send a Nuncio to Ireland. He selected as Nuncio a man of great culture and piety, John Baptist Rinuccini, Archbishop of Fermo. This prelate was born in Rome on 15th […]

The Market Cross in Kilkenny

Peter McQuillan Hello, I’m Peter McQuillan. The Market Cross of Kilkenny If you mention the Market Cross in Kilkenny nowadays, most people will take it as a reference to a shopping centre. But for over 400 years, the city had a real market cross, and it was a very important and imposing monument indeed in […]