Kilkenny’s Victorian Athenaeum

Kilkenny’s SECOND Athenaeum Edward J Law (2012) The original Athenaeum on the Parade, Kilkenny was the home of noted theatricals in the first two decades of the 19th century, but then met a sharp decline in its fortunes. By 1824 it was described as a hay-store. In 1837 it had an airing, literally, being advertised […]

The Dove – Elizabeth O’Neill

The Dove Peter McQuillan (11th May, 2012) Kilkenny City has, since the Middle Ages, had a reputation as a centre of theatrical performance. The late Peter Farrelly in his ‘600 Years of Theatre in Kilkenny, 1366-1966’1, tells the story of a young professional actress who arrived in Kilkenny in October 1812, to play in the […]