Mildred Ann Butler

Rosemary Barnes (2019) Mildred Ann Butler, a prolific watercolour artist, was born in 1858 and spent most of her life in her family home Kilmurry House, Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny. Its […]

George Berkeley (1685 – 1753)

Eamonn Kiely It is likely that George Berkeley is the best known Kilkennyman ever. None other that I am aware of, has had a city called after him. Accepted among […]

Break Up Of Robber Gang

The breaking-up of a robber gang Edward Law (2015) Early in May, 1749, some 260 years ago, the Earl of Carrick of Ballylinch, near Thomastown received information that Bolger the […]

Raftis Family Eviction at Powerswood

The Raftis Family Eviction At Powerswood Thomastown Ken Kinsella The Land War, resulting from the formation of the National Irish Land League and Ladies Land League in 1879, was one […]