Newsletter March 2019

Dear Archaeology and Heritage Enthusiast, Welcome to the Spring 2019 edition of the Kilkenny Archaeological Society’s newsletter. A new year has dawned and we are now well into spring and beginning to sense the oncoming summer. It is a wonderful time a year and we are delighted to bring news of local radio broadcasts, rediscovering Dick […]

Newsletter December 2018

Dear Archaeology and History Enthusiast, Welcome to the Christmas edition of the Kilkenny Archaeological Society’s newsletter. When speaking of Christmas our thoughts for the new year will soon follow and speaking of 2019, we have a sneak preview of our early 2019 events programme. The full programme will be revealed at our annual Christmas lunch on the […]

Newsletter September 2018

September 2018/2 Dear History Lover, Welcome to the second issue of our still new newsletter. We striving to fill it with items that we hope are of interest to you, our dear reader. This includes local history, events and news from the Society. We hope you enjoy it and will share it with friends and family.This newsletter has a […]

Dick of the Church

Ned Kennedy 2020 It doesn’t fall to many people in a generation to be recognised by a short version of their name or a nickname. Internationally, the names JFK and Mother Teresa easily conjure up images. Nationally, the names Dev and Peig are also examples which inspire easy recall. In Kilkenny similar recognition tends to […]

Ballyfoyle History

Michael Brennan 2020 In Summer 2020, Michael Brennan published a book about Ballyfoyle, its history and topology. Here, he is talking about Ballyfoyle and his book to Pat Shortall.

Tudor Trees

Learn about some of the Tudor trees growing in Rothe House garden in Kilkenny.

Tudor Herbs

Anne-Karoline Distel (2020) My name is Anne-Karoline Distel and today, I’m going to tell you a few things about three Tudor garden plants. If you have ever visited Rothe House Garden, you were very likely impressed by the variety of plants there. Apart from having to buy exotic herbs and spices like pepper, households were […]

A Short History of Gowran

Paddy Neary (2020) This locality was selected for a residence by one of the ancient Kings of Ossory and was long continued by his successors long before the Anglo Norman invasion. According to Canon Carrigan, the royal residence was situated in the Moat; the Pigeon Park was famous for its Aonachs when the Irish Kings […]