Signatures of 1000 Kilkenny Women Who Opposed Conscription in 1918

The Irish nationalist women’s organisation, Cumann na mBan (CnamB), was formed in 1914, effectively a branch of the Irish Volunteers and explicitly supporting the use of arms. Despite carrying some weapons in the 1916 Rising, much of CnamB’s engagement was in intelligence gathering, procurement of rations, and as couriers, doctors or nurses. The organisation attracted […]

Farming on the edge of the City in 1881

KILKENNY IN 1881 – OPPOSITION TO PROPOSALS TO EXTEND THE BOUNDARIES OF KILKENNY CITY IN 1881 – THE STRONG FARMER WHO PREFERRED TO BE THREE MILES “AWAY” FROM KILKENNY, TO SAVE TAX Taxes and possible increase have never been popular. Equally the urban/rural divide (amongst some persons) is nothing new. Both tendencies were exhibited in […]

Brehon Law and Kilkenny Archaeological Society (Lecture held on 19 Oct 2016)

There was a full attendance in the Third House at Rothe for a most interesting lecture by Professor Liam Breathnach of the Dublin Institute of Advanced Studies. Professor Breathnach gave a most stimulating account of Brehon Law and its sources. He traced the development of Brehon Law and its impact in many spheres. He very […]