Brehon Law and Kilkenny Archaeological Society (Lecture held on 19 Oct 2016)

There was a full attendance in the Third House at Rothe for a most interesting lecture by Professor Liam Breathnach of the Dublin Institute of Advanced Studies. Professor Breathnach gave a most stimulating account of Brehon Law and its sources. He traced the development of Brehon Law and its impact in many spheres. He very kindly prepared extensive and detailed lecture notes and a bibiography of materials with useful extracts. The house was packed and we needed to add to the seating such was the demand. Professor Breathnach proved how much an interesting and stimulating and entertaining speaker can give a knowledgeable and sound exposition of a complicated subject matter in a way that fully held the interest of his audience. His lecture was followed by many questions from members of the Society. The vote of thanks was moved by our member Dr Pat Crowley who has recently achieved the distinction of being elected Taoiseach of the Crowley Clan. Thanks are owned to Catherine Rice and Ann Tierney and all their team for the excellent refreshments afterwards. Many members lingered long after the lecture had ended to meet and discuss the themes of Professor Breathnach’s most interesting and entertaining lecture. This was a lecture not to be missed. We express our sincerest thanks to Professor Liam Breathnach for his fine display of scholarship and erudition coupled with humour.

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