Old Kilkenny Review 2011

okr cover 2011

Graeme Laidlaw – A Medieval Smithy in South Kilkenny
Richard Hyland – The Vanishing Tower Drakeland Castle- A Tower-house in the liberties of the City of Kilkenny
Edward J Law – An Eighteenth-Century Graiguenamanagh Gauger’s Stockbook
Edward J Law – The Battle of Newmarket

Old Kilkenny Review 2010

okr cover 2010

Edward J Law – Good Evans, Bad Grace – Evans, Grace and Whelan, Philanthropist, Forger and Murderer
Tony Hand – William Colles and The Nore Navigation
Susan Hegarty – Early Holocene Deposit Beneath Abbey Street, Kilkenny City
Pierce A Grace – I Despise Your Offer – How Sheffield Grace Embellished his Family History

Old Kilkenny Review 2009

okr cover 2009
AuthorTitlepages Ó Drisceoil, Cóilin; John Bradley; Richard Jennings; Leah McCullough; John HealyThe Kilkenny Archaeological Project7-19 Stevens, PaulCoady’s Castle redoubt, Galmoy, Co Kilkenny: archaeological excavations of a post-medieval earthwork fort 199920-36 [...]

Old Kilkenny Review 2008

okr cover 2008

Graeme Laidlaw – The Ballykeoghan Burnt Mound
John McCarthy – Two Castles at Coolhill and Clogaralt in County Kilkenny
Cóilín Ó Drisceoil – The Rothe Family Garden Rediscovered
Róisín McQuillan – The Rothe House Family Garden

Old Kilkenny Review 2007

okr cover 2007

Dowd, Linda Lynch & Margaret McCarthy – Recent Archaeological Discoveries in Dunmore Cave, County Kilkenny
Paul Stevens – Four Excavations in Kilkenny City (1999-2001) Part 2
Ann Tierney – A Record of Some Kilkenny Imports In The Late Sixteenth Century
Conleth Manning – The Delahunty Grave Slab at St Francis’ Abbey, Kilkenny City

Old Kilkenny Review 2006

okr cover 2006

Richard Clutterbuck, Ian Elliot & Brian Shanahan – The Motte and Manor of Callan, County Kilkenny
Cóilín Ó Drisceoil – A Collection of Previously Unpublished Medieval Burial Monuments from St Mary’s Church, Kilkenny City
Mark Elstob, A trip to Kilkenny from Durham by way of Whitehaven in 1776
Paul Stevens – Four Excavations in Kilkenny City (1999-2001)- Part 1 The Medieval Findings

Old Kilkenny Review 2005

okr cover 2005

Paul Stevens – New Evidence for the Bronze and Iron Ages in County Kilkenny
Ian W Doyle – Excavation of a Riverside Circular Tower in College Park, Kilkenny City
Cóilín Ó Drisceoil – Archaeological Excavations at the Rear of 63 High Street (OK House), Kilkenny City
John Bradley – The Priors of St. John’s, Kilkenny (O.S.A.) before the Reformation

Old Kilkenny Review 2004

OKR Cover 2004

Ian W Doyle & Brenda O Meara – Medieval grave slabs recovered from the River Nore, John’s Bridge, Kilkenny City
Colm A Walsh – Model of Duiske Abbey
Charles J Cullen – Mahon & McPhillips Ltd., 1947-1988- an oral history
Tolls and customs at Graiguenamanagh

Old Kilkenny Review 2003

OKR cover 2003

Edward J Law – The bells and bell-ringers of St Canice’s Cathedral
Linda Shine – The Cantred of Erley- a case study of manorial organisation
Ben Murtagh – Work begins on Talbot Tower, Kilkenny
The Heritage Council – The Bishop’s Palace, Kilkenny

Old Kilkenny Review 2002

Edward J Law – The Richard Colles Johnson Bequest
The Round Tower
Desmond Norton – On Viscount Frankfort’s Kilkenny estates in the 1840s
Mary Cassin – It said in the papers – 1904